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Dec 082016

I got a lot of very good response to yesterday’s blog post, If I Had It To Do Over. Thank you to everybody who posted comments in the blog, sent me emails, or messages through Facebook about it. It always makes me feel good when I know I’m helping other people out, and hopefully helping avoid some of the many mistakes we made going into the fulltime RV lifestyle.

I wrote a while back that we still had to find some furniture for our guest bedroom because we have company coming in just a few days. Anybody has been furniture shopping in recent history can tell you that most of the new stuff is poorly made and terribly overpriced. Being cheapskates and preferring quality, we have done most of our shopping at consignment and secondhand stores, and finding bargains online on Craigslist.

This week I found this very nice oak tower queen bedroom set, which also included a large matching dresser with a mirror. Unfortunately, our master bedroom is oddly shaped and a standard dresser is too long for where we need it to be. So we moved our old bedroom furniture that came with the house into the guest bedroom, along with the dresser from the tower set.


While we don’t mind buying used hard furniture, we didn’t want used mattresses and box springs. So we bought another box spring for the guest bedroom, along with a Serta 12 inch gel memory foam mattress. This is the same one that we use on our bed, and we have a memory foam in the motorhome as well. We have had all kinds of mattresses over the years, including an expensive sleep number bed, but as far as we’re concerned, none of them have been nearly as comfortable as these.


The mattress comes shrink-wrapped in a box, and when you open it up and lay it flat on the box springs it doesn’t look too impressive. Kind of thin and lumpy.


But here it is two hours later. Quite a difference! The instructions say to lay it out and let it sit for up to 24 hours before sleeping on it, but with both the one we have in the Winnebago and the one here in our bedroom, within six or eight hours we were sleeping on them quite comfortably. And they weigh a heck of a lot less than a traditional mattress! That’s important in an RV.


So we’re all set for company now, and they don’t even have to bring their own sleeping bags. Come on down!

Lately I’ve been asking blog readers who are doing their Christmas shopping online to please consider clicking the Amazon link at the top right sidebar of this blog. When you purchase an item on Amazon from our link we earn a small commission, which helps us offset the cost of publishing the blog. But apparently if you subscribe and get the blog by email, you don’t see that link.

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Thought For The Day – People say I’m condescending. That means I talk down to people.

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  6 Responses to “We’re Ready For You”

  1. I agree that Sleep Number Bed is the worst mattress we’ve ever slept on. If you happen to sleep together with your spouse, you end up on the separator that separates the mattress for separate sleep settings.

  2. You will be pushing up daisies long before that bedroom set needs replacing! I bought this exact set 27 years ago. Had a water bed at first….then Went to college with two of my boys…one dresser and tower to each…assorted moves throughout there graduate work….then back home to the basement to store misc crap after they graduated and moved to Seattle and Phoenix…now it resides in a storage locker in Ohio holding my passion of cardmaking supplies that wouldn’t fit in the BAMoHo ( big ass motor home…..saves Papa a quarter to the swear jar..grandchildren consider ass a violation of same)….back to dresser set…at one point it even had a rolltop desk between the two towers when the youngest son first set up housekeeping….heavy as hell….but will last well beyond my years….laughed out loud when I opened the email this morning and saw the photo…thanks for sharing!
    On the road fulltime and loving it,

  3. *their…fat fingers, how embarrassing….

  4. Hey Nick
    You commented that we “Terry’s parents” just traveled back and forth to Idaho from AZ in our 10 years full timing, beg to differ we actually spent summers in Ohio, Oregon ,Montana and many side trips to Oklahoma, Iowa ,Washington etc. so we were a bit more traveled than you said. no we did not burn up the road like you and Terry as we were retired from 22 years in the USAF and did a bit of traveling then as well.

  5. Always appreciate the insight and recommendations.

    John Eibeck

  6. We have the identical master bedroom headboard with side cupboards.

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