Well, I Did It!

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Dec 092016

Okay, call me a liar. I said I wasn’t going to do it, and I really meant it. I had no intention of going into any big box store until after the holidays. I don’t tolerate the crowds very well and the commercialism turns me off. But I did it.

At least I’ve got a good excuse! Our little community here is having a food and toy drive, and tomorrow Santa Claus and his elves will be making the rounds picking up donations for those less fortunate. So Terry and I went to Walmart and bought some toys and nonperishable food items to hopefully make somebody’s Christmas just a little brighter.

One of the problems with buying a house with an 1100 square foot garage is that then you need to get stuff to fill it up. So I did!



I’ve been wanting a pontoon boat for a long time but the more research I did on our local area, the more I realized that it really wasn’t the best choice, given the often shallow water we have around here. A pontoon boat would be good for cruising up and down the channel where the water is deeper, but if you want to get into the flats where the best fishing is, you need a boat for skinny water.

When I saw this used Key Largo 16 footer on Craigslist, I started asking some of the local fishermen and shrimpers what they thought of it, and the feedback was very positive. It will float in 8 inches of water and it has a 50 hp Yamaha four stroke outboard motor, bimini top, and two live wells. We took it on a test ride Terry and I were both impressed with how well it zipped right along.


The dealer threw in a lot of goodies, including four life vests, the Coast Guard required safety equipment, a fish/depth finder, and some other stuff. So I backed my truck up to it and it followed me home.

I’ve never been very good at backing up small utility trailers or the three or four little aluminum boats I have had in the past, so I was really worried about getting the boat into the garage. But by taking it slowly, and with Miss Terry’s guidance, I managed to put it right where it needed to be on the first attempt. A neighboring couple who were walking by stopped to watch, and complimented me when I was done. I told them the same thing I tell people who complement me on how easily I can back our 40 foot Winnebago motorhome into a campsite, it’s all because I have an excellent ground guide and we work well together.

So Christmas came early to my house and here I am with my new toy.


With the pickup and boat in the garage it’s starting to look like a real man cave. Even with the Explorer in the garage along with them, there’s still room enough for another vehicle. What? A classic Mustang fastback? No. I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead.


Speaking of man caves, does your man cave have one of these?


Yes, that’s a urinal. Don’t ask me, it was in the garage when we bought the place. And yes, I “test drove” it to be sure it worked. It does.


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Thought For The Day – Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.

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  23 Responses to “Well, I Did It!”

  1. Your boat is a beaut! Don’t forget to name her!! Perhaps a contest is forthcoming?

  2. What do you have their Nick is a hi end gentleman’s man cave A redneck cave would have a plastic flower Or the sink would be good enough
    Cool boat

  3. I don’t boat, and I don’t fish, but WOW, I feel your excitement over your new boat! I hope you have many happy hours out on the water. Congratulations!

  4. We got off the road after only 5 years Nick. My nearly 1000 sq ft shop is already busting at the seems with toys and tools. Thinking about doubling the size of it by adding on to the front of it so I can park both trucks in it. But still have 2 quads, John Deere riding lawn mower, pontoon boat and bass boat a flat bed aluminum trailer and a utility trailer. Not to mention all the fishing equipment, hunting equipment, and of course the tools. It just never ends, so be careful young man, it don’t take long to fill er up! 🙂

  5. Oh yea…….forgot the 18′ cargo trailer that I am turning into a toy hauler for by side by side quad with complete living space. Shower, bathroom, stove fridge, sink etc. It will be my quick get away camper for hunting, riding, and overnight trips.

  6. Dang….a urinal in your shop…….one of my dream items. Impressive!

  7. Congrats Nick! That is a fine looking boat and an absolutely amazing garage! Wishing you and Terry a very Merry Christmas and many happy times out on the water. It’s going to be wonderful.

  8. The Honda motor on your boat say “Yamaha” on it,
    Ha, Ha.

  9. What took you so long?

  10. That’s a right fine boat you’ve got there. If it didn’t come with paddles, you might pick up a couple. You never know when you’re going to need them with your “Yamaha Honda”!!

    I rather question the location of the off-loading device. Thank you for the picture now seared into my brain. I realize it’s a Man Cave, but maybe a shower curtain???

  11. You hit the jackpot with that boat Nick. I have the exact same thing except with a 40 horse and it’s perfect here in the Indian River Lagoon and local waters. But I’d prefer the 50 hp. Has served us well for over 8 years all the way from our place here in Port St John south to Vero Beach and north to St Augustine. On a calm day we have gone a mile or two offshore, but don’t try it with a choppy day it’s really not made for that.

  12. I swear I typed Yamaha. I think the gremlins are messing with me!

  13. Now you’ve got to stock up on those ‘cakes’! 😮

  14. So happy for you. Just sitting here at my desk grinning from ear to ear. Have fun!

  15. Did you buy that boat on Pearl Harbor day? The urinal needs a mirror.

  16. That garage looks pretty big & is that a storage loft on one end? You need more Stuff, man!! 🙂 Give it a couple years & you will wonder why you thought it was so big.

  17. Congrats on the new toys. You and Terry deserves to have a home base. And can still travel in your motorhome. Enjoy and waiting for another book.

  18. You get all the good toys, Nick…and look good getting them! (Probably could have NOT needed the urinal “test drive” idea in my mind, but…) And relating the fact that you did the hated Big Box Store thing proves that you deserve them! Merry Christmas you guys! We’re very glad to have you as friends! We’re doing good in OUR new home (NOT on wheels) too (altho i still wake up and have to think about where we are!) and hope your “not-movable” one is as good to you as we hope ours will be! And after watching you want a boat for so long…YAY YOU!!!!! Love from non-movable (and chilly right now) Strawberry AZ, Stevi (and Ed)

  19. And what did Miss Terry get for her project Gal Cave? Another loom?
    Merry Christmas and ((( HUGS))) to both of you.

  20. Really looking forward to getting out on the water with you! 😀

    I love you guys!

  21. How about that!

  22. Really cool boat , Nick. We may never see another book. Merry Christmas to you and Miss Terry. Happy you two are having so much fun

  23. Awesome! Beautiful boat! Wishing you and Terry many happy hours on the water.

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