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Dec 132016

What has happened to the world? Have we all become a population of total wimps? Every day I end my blog with a thought for the day. Yesterday’s was “You can tell a lot about a woman from her hands. For instance, if they are wrapped tightly around your throat, she’s probably upset about something.” I received a long e-mail from a woman saying that the comment really upset her and that she reads my blog for enjoyment and to learn about RVing because she plans to become a solo fulltimer soon, but she won’t anymore because it no longer feels like a “safe place” for her.

Really? I wanted to tell her the world isn’t a safe place and if she feels that threatened by mere words, she needs to crawl back into bed and stay there with her head under the covers. It’s a good thing she never reads any of my mystery novels. People get killed in them!

If she’s that sensitive, I don’t think she’s going to have much fun as a fulltime RVer traveling the country alone. There are all kinds of people out here on the road and in the towns and cities we all pass through. The greatest majority of them are very nice, an occasional few are jerks, and some are downright evil. But there are not very many people who are going to spend their days watching everything they say and do so they don’t offend somebody.

Another woman wrote about the same thought for the day that more men abuse women than the other way around, but apparently I’m okay with that. No, I don’t approve of anybody abusing anyone. That’s why I was a founder of and on the board of directors of our town’s women’s shelter before we hit the road as fulltime RVers. Doesn’t anybody understand humor anymore?

Seriously folks, I learned a long time ago that a sense of humor will get you through damn near anything. And at the same time, if you wake up every morning looking for something to be upset about, you won’t have to work too hard to find it. Life is too short for that kind of nonsense.

I’m reminded of an incident several years ago when someone told me that they wanted to subscribe to the Gypsy Journal, but he had a real concern about something and wanted to find out ahead of time. He wrote that I refer to Terry quite frequently as Miss Terry, and wanted to know if we were married. He said that he is a born-again Christian, and that spending his money with somebody who was living in sin would offend him and God. I replied that yes, we’ve been married a long time, and that I refer to her as Miss Terry as a term of respect and affection. But I also added that he should keep his money and not subscribe to the paper, because there was no question about it, sooner or later I was going to do or say something that would offend him!

I think this Facebook meme about sums it up.


Today is a big event for us, we are having our first visitor to our new home! My friend Jim Lewis is coming over from Mission, Texas to spend some time with us. Jim and I go back about 30 years, and we are as close as brothers and even have the same warped sense of humor. Terry and I are really looking forward to seeing him.

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Thought For The Day – Turns out I have the same reaction to idiots as dogs do to vacuum cleaners.

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  24 Responses to “Not A Safe Place”

  1. Bravo Nick! I find myself wishing many of these delicate flowers could have spent a few weeks with my Drill Instructor in their youth. Sure helps a person get over themselves.

  2. All I can say, NIck, is AMEN! Wish Bad Nick was back………. he made so much sense!

  3. People are amazing…unfortunately, not in a good way many times. Do they understand the term introspection? I think you’re right, Nick, some people wake up each day looking for opportunities to correct others, and make themselves feel valuable. By the way, please tell me you didn’t vote for Trump, that mocking a physically-impaired man was an immediate disqualification for President – never to be overlooked or rationalized.

  4. Amen Nick! You hit the nail on the head!! 🙂

  5. Your thought for the day today probably offended a vacuum cleaner or dog somewhere. Ha!

  6. I hope they rethink the RV lifestyle. I wouldn’t want them parked next to us.

  7. I’m sorry people don’t ‘get’ the humor and are so offended by everything. I love your comments and the more inappropriate the better!

  8. Art Linkletter had a TV show, “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” You should write a book, with a similar title, about the comments you get from your readers. I bet it would be a big hit.

  9. You just won’t ever please everybody! As they say, “Let that s**t go!”, so take a deep breath and move on.

  10. I admit it, I am not smart enough to never offend someone, especially when it is not my fault. I look forward to your blog and your thought for the day daily. Keep in mind that us normal people far exceed the fringe wackos at both ends of the spectrum. If they are offended by that they know who they are.

  11. How sad…. I am amazed at how sensitive we have become. Wish I knew there were “safe spaces” when I was a teen and mouthed off at one of my parents.

  12. There are so many things in this world to be concerned about. It amazes me that people have become so sensitized to humor and yet aren’t spending their waking hours directing their energy toward righting the real wrongs done to others.
    Rick on with the humor Nick. I always love it.

  13. I will be interested to know your feelings about having someone stay in your home, as opposed to them being parked next to you in their own RV…

  14. Hey Nick, most of us love ya so just keep on keepin’ on, friend! I look forward to seeing what you’re up to each day on the ‘Net.
    SKP hugs,

  15. The incredible problem we have today about people being so sensitive is absurd. People say things, do things, act out things we don’t like. But really, why be offended all the time? This is a country where we have freedoms to be different from one another. And part of that freedom is to disagree with others and for everyone to accept the differences of opinions, actions, beliefs. If I don’t agree with you I simply accept you and move on. I may or may not say something about our differences. That’s my right just as much as it’s your right to be different from me. And PLEASE everyone, get a sense of humor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s laugh more and be offended less.

  16. Excuse me while I pick my chin up..takes time now that I’m older…
    Short point story…
    1- I just had a heated discussion on stupidity with female neighbour (hers not mine)
    2- Husband comes in garage with an old wide flat nose shovel & says “have no idea why Ted gave me this”
    3- “Hang it by the door as a WOMAN WHACKER” was my response
    4- We had a good laugh as I Explained my morning to him!!!
    5- others have asked to use it!!
    I was not being offensive it is called general non sexist humour. Especially when you can call yourself anything short of a Unicorn.
    And again I laugh and laugh and laugh at your quotes. Thanx & Cheers

  17. Amen and you are very accurate on your observations and comments. It is not all men who abuse and not always physical there are other abuses. Many women are abusers and damage a lot of men. It is not just a one sex offense. Plus, I am totally annoyed with the offended shit that goes on today. If someone is not being “made” or forced to do something or penalized in someway if they don’t. Then just let it go respect their right to whatever they believe as they should respect your rights. Enough is Enough of this acceptable way for celebrations, traditions, and any other event. Something has gone astray in living with one another and learning about them and enjoying each persons differences. I personally can’t stand much more of it. I appreciate most of your comments you received they were right on with their reply’s. And keep up your writing love your humor and views. Have a good day, oh I might of offended, you might want a bad day. Take care. Love reading your blogs.

  18. Quite frankly, she is pretty stupid for expecting a ‘safe space’ on the internet, unless the website she is visiting is labeled as such. What a special snowflake she is. And I’ve noticed people today haven’t just lost their sense of humor about things…they can’t even laugh at themselves anymore. I think our new Cheeto Hitler is a very good example of this phenomenon.

  19. If someone has been offended by your thought of the day……what would a dose of Bad Nick do to them……………….
    Maybe you should bring him out like once a month just for the giggles from replies!

  20. The Thought for the day is my favorite part of the blog! And I did have a good laugh over the hands around the throat–as some people are so clueless about others that they seem to need a “heads up,” ha ha. Good thought for the day.

    Life offers so much to laugh and chuckle about, we should not get offended when some poor soul needs to feel important by claiming to be offended. Be offended–just don’t tell me about it–as it offends me, ha ha.

  21. I think you are truly funny. The advice that you gave the female about to be RV er is on target.

  22. I have to admit, Nick, I get offended when someone chokes me be it man or woman. ?

  23. Well, it is for sure that our country anyway has become something we hardly recognize anymore…I wonder too if women take offense at some of your silly words, Nick, if they grew up in a home with no brothers?? I had ONLY brothers…and let me tell you, I am sure that makes a difference…our daughter-in-law gets so easily offended, hubby and I find it so hard to even talk to them…sigh…….. You are right…some people there is no way NOT to offend… Thanks for a lighthearted way of telling your experience…hubby and I both laughed!!

  24. I have also read about colleges offering safe places for its students. I thought this is good a storm shelter for tornados and then found that it was a place to protect them from getting their feelings hurt from offensive talk. Are we raising generations of wimps?. A couple of years in the military would get them a good dose of reality.

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