Nov 062016

When we bought our house we knew there would be a lot of adjustments in making the transition from being fulltime RVers to RV snowbirds. Most have not been a big problem, a few have been funny, and yes there have been a couple of minor irritations, but nothing we can’t handle.

One thing that surprised both of us is that we have to remember to check the mail every day. When we were on the road traveling fulltime, we used a mail forwarding service and once a week or so we would call and have our mail stuffed into a priority envelope and sent to us at whatever campground we happened to be in. Now, six days a week that little white truck comes by and they stick stuff in the mailbox! It’s amazing how that works.

And we are already getting junk mail in our name. That sure didn’t take long! As fulltimers who had to pay to get our mail forwarded, we quickly learned not to give our address out willy-nilly to anybody who wanted it. When we made a purchase in some business that wanted our mailing address, we said no. When we were at an RV rally and there was some kind of free drawing, we always avoided it because again, that’s how you wind up back on all of the junk mail lists.

We have tried to continue that same practice here at the house, but we did have to give our address to the companies who delivered our furniture, to the utility company, to the city for our water connection and trash collection, when changing our drivers licenses and voter registrations, and things like that. And somewhere along the line somebody has already sold it. In yesterday’s mail I got a post card to call to have an appointment set up for a free demonstration of a super-duper water filter system. And a couple of days ago there was one for carpet cleaning. At least it doesn’t cost us anything for them to send us their junk mail, and we can just shred it.

The other day my good buddy Sharon Del Rosario sent me an email with this old picture of Daytona Beach from 1957. Sharon said she didn’t know if it was real or not, but I’m sure it is. I’ve seen postcards that are similar at some of the local antique shops. And you can still drive on the beach here today!


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Day After Never

Thought For The Day – People who say “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” have obviously never eaten bacon.

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  2 Responses to “That Didn’t Take Long!”

  1. The real estate agents involved in the transaction will sell your information to mailing services, as often will the county clerk’s office. Face it, you’re on the grid and on everyone’s radar now, Nick! 😉

  2. I love junk mail! I write next to my name “not interested” or “please delete my name” and stuff everything they sent me back to them if there is a postage paid stamp in upper right corner.That way the Post Office gets paid for the envelope coming and going. Trust me, they take my name off their list in time.

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