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Nov 292016

We were awake by 8:30 yesterday morning and spent the day piddling around here at the house, taking care of some little things we wanted to get done.

Two things have been irritations for me since we bought our used F-150 pickup. One was that the windshield, in fact all the glass, had a film on it. Overall, the previous owner took very good care of the truck, and for a 1999, it’s in excellent condition. But I’m not sure he ever took a rag to the glass. Terry spent a couple of hours and cleaned the glass inside and out three or four times. By the time she was done it really sparkled and the view out the windshield is a lot better.

There were also two spots, just above the sun visors, where the headliner had come loose. We found some special spray glue just for headliners, and Terry fixed that, too. I love being married to a handylady. Especially since I’ll never be a handyman.

Another little project was to hang up two key racks in our hallway. That didn’t take long, and now we don’t have to spend time looking through our desk drawers for keys when we need them. The top rack is for my keys, and the bottom is for Terry’s. I guess she needs to look in her desk drawers and find her keys so she can hang them up, too.


With that done we tackled another task that I was looking forward to getting done, hanging this .50 Hawken rifle in the hallway just before the steps go down to my office and our bedroom. Though I have shot several muzzleloaders over the years, I never owned one before this one I picked up some time ago. I haven’t fired it yet, but I think it looks pretty good hanging there.


I have really enjoyed my Amazon Echo and been amazed by the quality of the music it puts out. When Terry mentioned that she wished she had some music back in her loom room, where she spends a lot of time, my buddy Greg White suggested an Echo Dot, which is a smaller version of the Echo. I ordered one for her from Amazon, along with a Bluetooth speaker, and it came yesterday afternoon.


Of course I always try to buy at the top of the market, just to keep the economy in good shape. The day after I ordered it they went on sale for $10 less, just $39.99. That’s a heck of a deal. Timing is everything. Grab one while it’s on sale, I think you’ll be glad you did. The full-size Echoes are also on sale, for $40 off.

Though the quality of the music with its onboard speaker is not as good as with the full-size Echo, it wasn’t bad. And when paired with the inexpensive Cambridge SoundWorks wireless bluetooth speaker I ordered with it, it’s pretty impressive. Miss Terry is a happy camper. Or weaver. Or handylady.


I also did some writing yesterday, cranking out another 2,500 words in my current Big Lake book. Getting sidetracked by Hurricane Matthew, and then buying the house and getting moved in and settled in really put me off schedule. This book should have been out weeks ago, and some of my fans are letting me know that. Hopefully, when it’s done it will be worth the wait

Terry’s Trek bicycle had been riding on the ladder on the back of our Winnebago for a long time and really needed serviced. So a while back we took it to a local bike shop and had them go through it and get it road ready. She took it for a ride around the neighborhood yesterday afternoon and came back with a big smile on her face. She said it was good to be riding again.

Amazon isn’t the only place offering special deals right now. Our pals John and Kathy Huggins at Living the RV Dream have a Christmas special going on that’s pretty hard to pass up. They are offering a 16GB USB3 flash drive with all current shows of Living the RV Dream podscast, along with their Radio Days recordings and  show notes. That’s over 400 hours of great RVing tips, wisdom and interviews with industry experts! And just to sweeten the pot, they are also including e-files of all three of their books. That’s like going to RV college right from the comfort of your own home! All of this is just $100, and they pay the shipping! Whether you’re a new RVer or a veteran road warrior, you really can’t afford to pass up this deal. Check it out on their website at this link.

By shopping local thrift stores and Craigslist, we have pretty much got our house furnished. But we still need to find a bedroom set, and we need to do it pretty soon because our first houseguest will be here in about two weeks. So I think today, or maybe tomorrow, will be spent shopping some more. Hopefully we will find what we need pretty soon.

Thought For The Day – Alcohol – because no great story ever started with, “Let’s go have us a couple of salads.”

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  1. If you can’t find the exact bedroom set that you’re looking for. in the timeframe for your guests the other option would be to rented for the time that they’re going to be here as they’re not that expensive at Aaron’s or Rent-A-Center, and they rent weekly or monthly with free pick up and delivery

  2. There’s been a lot of traffic on this and other sites regarding RV Road Assistance prices. Just got my renewal from Coach Net. Basic service, which covers what you need for a Motorhome is $79. Premier Coach which covers all of the basic plus cars trucks, etc, plus Trailers, dollies etc, plus a whole lot of other extras including online shopping discounts and hotel discounts, costs $149 a year. They also offer a $129 package for trailers and fifth wheels. Since we have car coverage through AAA the $79 package covers our needs. Maybe the guys from Coach Net actually do read Nick’s Blog and they listened to the consumer. Their Premier product offers a lot of stuff but I am guessing in the eyes of the marketplace, we don’t want to pay the price for that stuff. Instead of losing market share they obviously have listened to the consumer and created segmented products for the segments of their customers. Right on Coach Net.

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