One Bite At A Time

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Nov 122016

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It’s the only way to get the job done. Just like you write a book one word at a time, or move into a house one box at a time. You just start at it and you keep on going until the job is done. Getting life back to normal after a natural disaster is much the same way.

There has been a massive cleanup effort going on in this part of Florida in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, and for weeks now, trucks and work crews have been picking up downed limbs, palm fronds, and all kinds of other debris along the roads and highways throughout Volusia County. Then they haul everything to a central location there it is run through grinders and loaded onto more trucks. I’m not sure what happens with it from there, whether it becomes mulch, or landfill, or what.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of the job, this lot in Daytona Beach is just one of the many ones being used to pile up the debris. And to put it in into perspective, that pile is larger than several four-bedroom homes, and probably twice as high. The hurricane may have only been here for a few hours before it moved further north into Georgia and the Carolinas, but this work will still be going on for quite some time.



As for us in our moving efforts as we transition from being fulltime RVers to home owning snowbirds, we’ve made a lot of headway in a short time. That is thanks mostly to Miss Terry, who is like the Energizer Bunny and keeps going and going.

She finally has the kitchen organized, and while it will need some fine tuning over time to meet her needs, Thursday night she cooked our first real dinner at our new home, delicious chicken parmesan. She says it’s an adjustment learning to cook on an electric stove again after so many years with the gas ranges in our motorhomes. But from what I tasted, I think it will be a smooth transition.

I’m back to writing and have done about 3,000 words in my current Big Lake book. Terry says it’s important that I maintain that routine and keep the books coming out, but I suspect part of it is that she just doesn’t want me underfoot. I tend to be a speed bump on the road to progress.

Thank you to the many folks who left comments or sent me emails about yesterday’s blog post for Veterans Day. I’m proud to say that we gave away almost 300 copies of our guide to VFW posts that allow members to camp overnight in their RVs yesterday. And once again, to all of our veterans, thank you for your service. That needs to be said every day of the year, not just on Veterans Day.

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Highland Passage

Thought For The Day – There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.

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  6 Responses to “One Bite At A Time”

  1. Nick, I didn’t think to leave a comment at the time but I shared your post on Facebook yesterday. Many of my friends liked it and shared it as well. Thank you for putting into words what I could not.

  2. But just think your world winds still not over you’re going to have to repack the breadbox when you’re ready to go back out again
    So when that time comes do the driveway camping thing again for a couple days so you don’t have to go so far to get things that you’ve missed
    Even so it’s a lot of work don’t worry it’s still fun

  3. You’re not a snowbird. Snowbirds come south for the winter. You’re a sunbird. When it gets hot you head north.

  4. I’m with Jan on the snowbird definition! 😉

  5. My dad always got a kick out of a story in the 40’s about a guy that ate a cement truck one bite at a time. He said he practiced on a wheelbarrow.

  6. You might want to start a list of stuff to put back into the RV when you get ready to take it out again.

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