It’s Finally Empty!

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Nov 072016

Well, the motorhome is finally empty and everything has been moved into the house. Now if we could just figure out where to put all of it! At this point we have some stuff put away, but a lot more is stacked up here and there, kind of like airplanes in a holding pattern at a major airport, waiting for a place to land.

Terry has been surprised to realize that even though the kitchen here at the house is bigger than what we have in our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage motorhome, and even though there is a pantry in the hallway just off the kitchen, she actually has less storage space than she did in the RV’s kitchen, with all of its nooks and crannies! But I know she’ll get it all figured out, it’s just a matter of time.

And, we finally have telephone service on our Verizon cell phones! As I wrote a few days ago, the network extender that Verizon sent me to plug into our Bright House cable modem was not connecting right. There are four lights on it that are all supposed to be solid blue if everything is working right, but two of them were red.


Verizon tech-support said that I probably needed an external antenna, and quoted me a price of $79. After paying $249 for the network extender that they assured me would do the job, I wasn’t eager to throw more money at the problem if it wasn’t going to solve things.

I did find it strange that there was a long cord for the external antenna included with the network extender. My first thought was that maybe none of the darn things worked properly without it, so they included that as a preemptive measure, figuring most people would have to order the antenna once they realize the network extender would not work on its own.

Then I did some snooping online, and guess what? I didn’t have to buy an external antenna, because there is one included! It’s just hidden in a compartment built into the network extender that is almost impossible to find. Somebody posted on an internet forum that after he gave a Verizon tech his credit card number for the external antenna, he was told how to access it. I followed his instructions, popped the cover off of the network extender, and there it was. I plugged it into the supplied cord, ran it outside, and in just a few minutes all four lights on the network extender were blinking a pretty blue and I went from no bars of service to four. How cool is that?


To test things out, I called my buddy Greg White and we played the “Can you hear me now?” game as I walked from room to room in the house. It was all good, even on the far side of the house, where I still had service in the garage. But when I walked out of the garage and to the door of the motorhome, I lost the signal. But that’s okay, here in the house we have telephone service. Life is good!

Today is going to be another busy day for us. First thing this morning we have to drop the Explorer off at a garage to get some work done on it, then sometime today an exterminator is coming by to service the house and yard. Apparently having a “bug man” is part of life here in Florida. Lord knows the state sure has a bunch of different little critters crawling and flying around!

And then we are going to look at a bedroom set I found on Craigslist, since we have company coming to visit in a week or so. According to the etiquette books I’ve read, it’s considered rather gauche to make your visitors sleep on the floor.

We still have to get Terry’s bicycle off the ladder on the back of the motorhome today, then I’ll probably move it to the community storage area here where it will wait patiently for us until it’s time to get back on the road in search of new RV adventures.

Congratulations Mac Stuckey, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Blood Honor, the debut novel in my friend Russell Blake’s The Day After Never post-apocalyptic trilogy. We had 57 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – I didn’t make it to the gym today. That makes at least ten years in a row.

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  8 Responses to “It’s Finally Empty!”

  1. Pretty sneaky of Verizon to charge customers again for something they already have & have paid for just because it’s hidden & customers need to be told how to find it. Those instructions should be posted all over the Internet!

  2. Your next RV trip will require some serious planning. Now that the RV is empty, what will you need to put back in?

  3. I know that Miss Terry is going to go bunkers giving everything a ferocious cleaning before you store the rig … but don’t forget to put little containers filled with cotton balls saturated with pure peppermint oil all through the bays, engine area, and many nooks and crannies. It does the trick for us as a preventative for keeping rodents and other critters away!

  4. I see verizon is still up to its dirty tricks. Its the worst company in America to deal with.
    That’s why I’m with AT&T now.

    I bought a cell phone boost kit from Wilson, its their RV package. I was unhappy with the very small transmitter antenna for the RV interior and told them so. They happily sent me a new directional yagi outside antenna and moved the previous outdoor antenna, which was much larger, inside. Works great now.

    So for free they sent me directional yagi and 3 big N-connectors ($80 value) to make the whole thing work better…now that’s customer service.

  5. I had one those network extenders from Verizon before we sold our house and started traveling full-time. I believe that the included antenna is not for use outdoors. It is included to allow you to place it near a window where you should have a better cellular signal. It is not designed to hold up to the weather. I believe that Verizon does sell an external antenna that is designed to be outdoors and will hold up to the weather elements. Best of luck in your new “non-mobile” home.

  6. Only on the road in rv about 3-4Xs a year for 1 1/2–4 months each year. However, have basically duplicates of undies, socks, pants/shirts, shoes and cheap pots & pans. Only have to move ‘list of rv dry/canned groceries’ from house to rv to house each trip.
    Of course, small tool box, water hoses, oil and similar duplicates always stay in rv.

  7. thank you for the book
    why couldn’t you use the booster from the RV

  8. A blessing or curse of living in Florida – depending on how you look at it a is lots of company comes to visit! Especially if you live on a beautiful coast!

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