I’m So Stuffed!

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Nov 262016

I’ll tell you right now, the turkey wasn’t the only thing to get stuffed at our house for Thanksgiving! We had a quiet day at home, just the two of us, which is just the way we like it. Miss Terry had bought a turkey breast and cooked it, along with all the goodies, and topped it off with a delicious homemade pumpkin pie. When I saw all that food laid out on the table my eyes bulged. And by the end of the meal it was my stomach that was bulging! Well, bulging even more than normal.

Then, yesterday, she cooked some wild rice and served it with leftover turkey and gravy on top of it. And since there was still pie left over, it would’ve been rude of me not to have some, right?

We never go to any big box store during the Black Friday rush. In fact, we prefer to stay home and let all the crazy people do their thing, which is just what we did yesterday. I spent much of the day writing, correcting a major plot fault in my current work in progress and had to rewrite two chapters. Once I had that taken care of, I still managed to crank out another 3,000 words.

Meanwhile, Terry was busy in her loom room getting the final touches put on her huge Glimakara counter marche rug loom. We took a lot of pictures while we were disassembling it over in Panama City, but there was one critical area that I seem to have overlooked, and now she’s having to figure out how the warp extender works.

Her loom room is coming together very well. The small loom in the front is the Baby Wolf that she’s been using in our motorhome for the last couple of years, with the Glimakara in the rear in this picture. And I thought the Baby Wolf was big!


Several people have asked me if we plan to go back on the road again, and if so, when. Yes, we will definitely be enjoying the gypsy lifestyle for a long while yet. We will probably hang out here at home until sometime in April, or maybe May, or whenever the hitch itch gets too bad. Then we will fire up the Winnebago and take off, looking for new adventures. We may not be fulltimers anymore, but we’re not planning to become housebound either.

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Thought For The Day – Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.

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  3 Responses to “I’m So Stuffed!”

  1. How old are those looms? Antiques? We are at Jettypark in Jan. Love that area. I’m writing down the interesting places you go so don’t sit in your chair too much.

  2. Do you plan to go out in the RV at all in the next 4 months? I was concerned when you said you had emptied it Completely. So much to carry back in!

    But no rallies? No weekend (or mid-week) trips? No sightseeing beyond 100 miles or so?

    Just curious. We can’t go 5 weeks without getting antsy:)

  3. Sally, the big Glimakara loom is probably 35 years old, at least, and maybe more. The smaller Baby Wolf is current production and still being made.

    Susan, probably not. We have a lot to do around here and I need to crank out another book or two.

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