Nov 132016

I can’t find my underwear. No, I didn’t get drunk and crazy at the office Christmas party and do something stupid, mainly because I don’t drink, it’s not Christmas yet, and I’m the only person in my office. But somehow in the move from the motorhome to the house I managed to lose all but three pair of underwear. So unless we find them quickly or do laundry every third day, I’ll be going commando pretty soon. Now there’s a mental image to start your day!

And I’m not the only one with things missing in action. Terry can’t find her spices. As most of you know, Terry is an excellent cook, and if you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating anything she made you know how delicious it all is. If you have not had that kind of good luck, you can always buy a copy of her cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen, and find out for yourself.

I’m a simple man, and until we got together I did not know how bland my diet was. The only spices I knew about were salt and pepper. Once I went on a gourmet kick and actually bought sea salt, so I guess that’s a third one I knew about. But Terry has dozens upon dozens of different spices. Things like oregano, and fennel, and truffle salt, whatever the heck that is. And I’m not talking about the spices you buy in a little can at Safeway. This is stuff that she has to search all over for, and she has sources of specialty things from coast to coast. But for some reason, she can’t find most of them. Heck, for all I know, they’re hiding out in a distant corner of our garage, buried under a pile of 3XL underwear. In which case we’d better just throw them all out and Terry can start over from scratch.

We’ve been hitting the used furniture stores again, this time shopping for bookshelves. Terry and I are both avid readers and we both had large libraries when we got married years ago. One of the real challenges as fulltime RVers was keeping our printed books to a minimum, and it is a challenge that we failed.

Though we both have Kindle e-book readers, we both love the feel of a real book in our hands. And a lot of the reference books I use for my writing, and most of the weaving books and spinning books and cookbooks that Terry uses are not available in digital format. So we had books stashed all over the Winnebago. Now they can see the light of day.

We found several nice used oak bookshelves at a couple of the consignment stores we’ve been to, and are busy filling them up.


Then on Saturday, we scored big at one store, finding three bookshelves and this very nice hutch for the living room. I’m not sure what will go on the hutch, but it looks good in our living room, Terry liked it, and the price was a steal.


This huge display cabinet found a home in Terry’s loom room and will hold her fiber arts book collection. The darn thing is 6 feet wide and 68 inches high, and weighs a ton. The folks at the store helped us load it into the back of our pickup, and when we got home we had to call in our neighbor Dave to help get it back down.


We thought it would take us several months to furnish the house, but we’ve been very fortunate in finding almost everything we needed in the styles we wanted at very good prices by shopping Craigslist and the secondhand stores. One bedroom set to go and we are about done, and for a lot less money than we expected.

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Thought For The Day – Just because you miss someone doesn’t mean you need them back in your life.

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  4 Responses to “Going Bland And Commando”

  1. Underwear and spices…oh my. Pete can’t find his keys, they’ve been missing now for about three days. That and we both seem to have lost our minds and can’t finish a coherent thought. I have my spices, but can’t find a good place to put them. Hopefully things will all settle down soon and you’ll be in your undies again and he’ll have keys dangling off his belt.

  2. No no no ,,,,,Please no pictures of the kid commando,, we don’t care how much you spice it up

  3. 3XL underwear, I feel better already! lol Max.

  4. We you do end up taking the Winnebago out, I think you’ll be getting a lot better fuel mileage. It will have to be some much lighter.

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