Dipping Shrimp

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Nov 172016

One of the things that sold us on our house, besides the big room for Terry’s looms and the huge garage, was the 300 foot long private fishing pier on the Indian River, which is just 800 yards from our front door. The pier is lighted, has some nice benches and fishing stations, and even has a fish cleaning station.

The Indian River is part of the Intercoastal Waterway, and it and some mangrove flats separate us from the Canaveral National Seashore, which is a couple of miles across the water as the crow flies. And on the other side of that narrow strip of beautiful unspoiled beaches is the Atlantic Ocean. The Indian River is saltwater here, and we have seen manatee and dolphins many times when we’ve been standing on the pier.


The folks who live here in our little community have been telling us how good the fishing and shrimping is from our private pier, and we’ve been anxious to try it out. So when a neighbor offered to loan me a couple of big long handled dip nets which are used for shrimping, I quickly took him up on the offer. We had never done that before but were hopeful of some success.

Here is Miss Terry, all ready for a new adventure.


A little after 8 PM last night we went down to the dock to try our luck. At first nothing happened and we didn’t see any shrimp at all, but the neighbor had told me we needed to time it just right and be ready for the incoming tide, and then we would have about a 45 minute to one hour long window for dipping.

Soon after we got to the dock a big pod of dolphins came by to see us, swimming just eight or ten feet away. How cool is that?

It took about half an hour before we saw the first shrimp, and I slipped my net into the water and came up from beneath and had him. Well that was easy!


Then I missed the next three or four. Well, maybe not so easy. There were a lot of sea trout and other fish out there feeding on the shrimp, and I learned that if I waited patiently they would chase the shrimp under the dock. Once I got the hang of that, it wasn’t too hard to snag them when they swam back out. Did you know that when shrimp are being chased by a predator, or a net, they jump and skip along the top of the water almost like when you skip a stone across a pond?

And sure enough, the neighbor was right. In an hour or so, between the two of us, Terry and I managed to get twelve shrimp. And then the run was over and we didn’t see any more. A dozen shrimp isn’t a lot, but we were pretty excited for our first time out.

The excitement continued when we got home and poured the bucket of shrimp into our kitchen sink. They didn’t like that at all and started jumping all over the place! A couple of rogues managed to jump clear out of the sink and onto the floor, and we had to catch them a second time.


But it was worth it all, because guess who is having shrimp and grits for breakfast? Did I mention I love it here?

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Thought For The Day – Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

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  3 Responses to “Dipping Shrimp”

  1. Great catch. :)) Got to love fresh caught shrimp.

  2. We must be on the same wavelength I went shrimping last night to as well,,,red lobster,,, had a great time

    The more you do it the more you’ll get the hang of it maybe your friend has got a green glow light he can lend you
    And if you get more than you need you can freeze them as well
    D-vaine tham and Cook at home on the grill,,, Best ever

  3. How do you clean them for eating?

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