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Oct 282016

We closed on our house on the 17th, but because Hurricane Matthew had delayed everything in the area, the people we bought it from were not able to close and move into their new place on schedule. So we told them that rather than move all of their things into a storage locker and pay to stay in a motel, they could just stay in the house until their’s was ready to go. While we were very eager to get into our new place, it never hurts to be nice to people. With the life I have lived, I need all the karma points I can get.

But today is the day! Woo hoo! We are really looking forward to it. While the community rules don’t allow us to park the motorhome in front of the house long-term, we can leave it there for several days while we unload everything and move it into the house. I was trying to figure out some way to angle it across the wide concrete apron in front of the house and garage, but as it turns out, I can back it straight in and be off the street.

Yesterday, after we stopped at the driver’s license office to get our address changed on our licenses (at a cost of $25 each), we dropped a couple of items off at the house that we had picked up, then went down to the dock and spent some time just relaxing and enjoying being near the water. It is so peaceful sitting there, watching the occasional boat pass by, as well as manatee and dolphins. Life is good!


Several birds hung around and kept us company and we enjoyed watching them preening and taking off every so often to try to grab dinner. We look forward to spending a lot of time on that dock, and with any luck at all we will catch our own dinner now and then.


We are always looking for oddball places, and driving back through New Smyrna Beach yesterday we spotted one and decided to check it out. I’m glad we did. We weren’t more than 15 feet inside the store when we both said that our buddy Greg White would love it. Planet Surplus deals in electro-industrial and techno-scientific surplus items, and the place is amazing..

It’s a techno-head’s Nirvana, with aisle after aisle of old oscilloscopes, test meters, oddball electronic equipment, batteries of every shape and size, and a lot more. They even had a fuselage from a Cessna 140 airplane for sale!




Do you have a need for a driving simulator, complete with a five-speed gearshift? They have one.


And it’s not just electronic stuff. They have every kind of bolt and nut and washer and cotter pin and screw and fastener known to mankind, along with huge spools of wire, shrink wrap tubing, rolls of gasket material, surplus industrial sewing machines, and at least 10,001 other things. I said Greg would love the place, but it was pretty hard dragging Miss Terry out of there, too!

Bright House is scheduled to show up on Saturday afternoon to install cable TV and high-speed Internet at the house. Right now the signal on our cell phones is pretty weak there, so I will put up my We Boost amplifier so I can get online and do tomorrow’s blog. Unless I’m so tired from all of the moving that I fall asleep first!

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Thought For The Day – When I was a kid I made funny faces in the mirror. These days the mirror is getting even.

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  9 Responses to “Today Is The Day!”

  1. Looking forward to following your progress on moving in. Enjoy each day and enjoy making this place a snug home base for you both. Hugs, Connie B.

  2. Planet supply If it’s a whimsy or a what you Macallen that boys got it I knew you’d enjoy it
    Now go back there in two weeks he’ll have more stuff
    next time you go over to Orlando the west side of I 4 and Fairbanks is another place that is similar to PS but different you’re definitely like that one too
    Congratulations on the new home Set up your Orion cooker and will be over

  3. How you could possibly sit down and enjoy the view when you had stuff to unpack is beyond me. Just couldn’t do it. Great news, and enjoy the house!!!!!

  4. If you happen to run across any three legged Griswold dutch ovens, rusty or not, snatch them up for me!! I’m so happy for you … moving in to new digs!! Enjoy every minute!!!

  5. i have been moving for over 10 months.. so you are an example of why I have too much stuff.

  6. We took 2 months to move into our new house just 26 miles from the old place. Every other day, we’d load the car up and drive over to the new place, unload it, eat our packed lunch on the patio, then go back to the old place.

    We teased that on the alternate days, we’d fill the car with stuff we were getting rid of and make a trip to Goodwill!

    By the time we had moved everything we could lift, carry, and fit into the car, the movers had very little to do – just the big furniture items. They were done in half a day and it only cost us $500.

  7. Overnight success….(in less than 18 years) I think that’s GREAT!
    You now have the best of ALL worlds. Congratulations! Very deserving.

  8. I guess that means you will have to change the tag line of your blog 🙂

  9. Happy for you and Terry that will be enjoying the best of two worlds. Glad that you were able to relax and enjoy the day as you can be somewhat leisurely about your move into the house.

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