That’s A Big Loom!

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Oct 062016

When I first started flying quad line Revolution kites, I remember asking someone that with all the variations, from full sail to mid-vent to full-vent models for different wind conditions, as well as ultra lights and other models, just how many kites does a guy need? The answer was, no matter how many you have, you need just one more.

Apparently it’s that way with looms, too. Miss Terry loves her Baby Wolf loom, and I have shared many photos of the beautiful things she creates with it. A while back I bought her a small Kromski Harp rigid heddle tabletop loom for small projects that don’t require her big loom.

She’s also got an inkle loom, which is for weaving things like belts, guitar straps, trim for clothing, and such. And did I mention the tiny lucette handheld loom for making cord that she acquired at the Allegan Fiber Festival in Michigan? So how many looms does a girl need? Apparently, just one more.

Check out this massive Glimakara counter marche rug loom she found down in Panama City. It’s way too big to fit inside our motorhome, but we went down to see it yesterday anyway, and the nice lady who has it for sale was happy to demonstrate it for Terry, and then let her throw the shuttles through it a few times.



This thing has a 5×5 footprint, and just looking at all of the strings and pedals and cogs other things that I have no idea about was enough to give me a headache. I may have to break down and buy Terry a house just to put it in.


Besides being a popular tourist destination, Panama City has another distinction. An event that happened in this courthouse back in 1961 had a major impact on the American legal system that continues today.


In June of that year, a man named Clarence Earl Gideon was arrested as a suspect in the burglary of a pool room. When the defendant told the judge he did not have the money to hire an attorney and asked to have somebody appointed to represent him, the judge refused to do so.

Convicted and sentenced to five years in prison, Gideon used the prison library to research criminal law and then filed a handwritten appeal with the United States Supreme Court. The justices agreed and he was granted a new trial with legal counsel. Gideon’s conviction was overturned, and his case was one of a series of Supreme Court decisions that confirmed the right of defendants in criminal trials to have an attorney appointed both during trial and on appeal.

Gideon’s case was made famous in a book and movie titled Gideon’s Trumpet, with Henry Fonda playing the role of the title character.

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Music Box

Thought For The Day – Don’t worry about the haters. They are just angry because the truth you speak contradicts the lie they live.

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  4 Responses to “That’s A Big Loom!”

  1. YAY for Terry!! You GO girl!!! LOVE the loom!! Not sure I’d want to thread it however!! If not a house, maybe Nick could buy a large storage building where you could hang out for a few months a year!!

  2. The ruling on an attorney shows up on Dragnet the 60’s version as the reading of Maranda ruling includes the right to have an attorney.
    The 50’s version doesn’t have them reading it obviously.

  3. Tom wants to comment, but just can’t get his tablet to cooperate. He says, “Triple tow!”. He always has the best answers to my buying yarn too.

  4. That loom could be the first addition to your new place in Florida!

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