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That about sums it up for us right now. When the heck did moving become such a hard job? I mean, I know it was never easy, but this time around really seems to be kicking our butts. We ache in places where we didn’t even have places a week ago.

We took a break from cleaning and hauling stuff in from the motorhome yesterday to make a run to WalMart, and then to Home Depot to pick up some stuff. A lot of stuff, as it turns out! Just because we have such a big house, I didn’t think we had to fill every room up right away. But it seems every time we turn around there’s something else we need. I’m not talking about furniture, just little things like mops and brooms, and air filters, and a couple of fans, and before you know it the old credit card is begging for mercy. Nobody told me it was going to be this darned expensive!

Back at home we worked until after 11 PM, and I think we finally made a dent in getting the place cleaned up and livable. Poor Terry never seems to stop for a second, she is focused on getting the job done and she can’t be comfortable until the place is cleaned up, things are arranged where they need to be, and all of that.

And it’s going take some trial and error, of course, to get things where we need them to be to work best for us. When you live in an RV fulltime like we have for over 17 years, everything seems to be within easy reach. And even when you live with a slob like me, it doesn’t take all that much to keep it clean. In a house this big it’s a fulltime job just carrying things from room to room until you figure out where you want them.

I also spent a lot of time being frustrated by technical things yesterday. On Saturday Bright House came and connected our two TVs, and also installed an Internet modem. The tech did not have a wireless router with him, which we need to be able to have a WiFi signal in the house for the smart TVs, my tablet, Terry’s computer, etc. The tech suggested we just go to WalMart and buy one, saying it would be cheaper in the long run.

So that’s what we did, and then I spent hours fighting with the darn thing trying to get it to work. I called Greg White two or three times, dealing with the terrible Verizon signal here, but we just could not get the router to connect to the modem.

And as if that wasn’t enough fun, we’re having problems with both TVs. The one in the living room has a very pixelated picture that drops in and out, like you would experience on a satellite TV dish and rainy weather. And, only about half the channels seem to be working. On many of the channels we’re supposed to get, when I go to them the screen just goes blank, no sound and no video. Then when I try to change back to another channel, a previous one I have been looking at, I get an error message saying the channel is temporarily unavailable, or else it goes to something called Envision and the message comes on the screen saying they are working on the problem. Then, no matter what channel button I push, or even the guide, nothing happens until I turn everything off and start over again.

The bedroom TV has a good picture on the channels it gets but again, it’s only about half of them. I get the same black screen with no audio or video on others. And the channels are not consistent from one TV to another. A channel that will work on one set goes blank on the other. So I’ll have to get Bright House to send a tech back out and see if they can get things working right.

Several people have asked if we were going to get a pet now that we are living in a house again. We don’t plan to because we still intend to do a lot of traveling in our Winnebago and it just doesn’t work out for us. We know lots of RVing pet owners, but between running around covering stories and doing the things we do all the time on the road, we are gone a lot and we just don’t feel it’s fair to an animal to leave it at home alone all of the time.

That being said, maybe the animal world has a different opinion on that. Yesterday evening I heard Terry laughing and then she said, “we have company.” A small lizard was in the bedroom. She caught it and took it outside, where lizards belong. There are a lot of those little critters running around in Florida, and I’m sure it’s not the last one we will see. Maybe it’s an omen, since my next John Lee Quarrels book is going to be titled The Gecko In The Corner.

Then, a little later on, we met our first palmetto bug. That was certainly fun! I guess it’s all part of life in Florida, right?

Congratulations Keith Trantow, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Dog’s Run, my mystery set in a small Midwestern town in 1951. We had 107 entries this time around. Stay tuned. a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.

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  15 Responses to “Broke, Tired, And Frustrated”

  1. Back in my stick & mortar days I would catch & put a lizard or 2 in the house. You mentioned a roach? On another note couldn’t agree more with your decision location
    Good luck with your moving chores & when (& if) you finish it looks like you could use a massage?

  2. In an RV most things tend to live in permanent places. There isn’t much room, or ability to move a sofa from one wall to another — so you tend not to even THINK about arranging furniture. Oh, the little things in storage, sure; but not the large one.

    All this will be over soon enough and you’ll be acclimated before you know it!

  3. Changes gets harder and harder.

  4. Nick forget the cable TV. You probably have 20 or more “over the air” HD station you could get there for FREE….. With just a small antenna on your roof.
    Ask ol’ Greg about it.

    When we bought our little shack last year we had a company come in and clean from top to bottom then paint the whole place inside white, then we moved in, well like you we had no furniture but we moved in anyway. Though expensive it freed us from all the drudgery, frustration, aches and pains, multiple trips to hardware stores, exhaustion, the inevitable disagreement, etc etc etc…and provided great peace of mind. Priceless.

    Enjoy your new house Nick and Terry… you earned it.

  5. Moving in is like warping a loom. Enjoy the process!! Take a nap or two. You’ll get there eventually with the same great outcome!!

  6. You better get used to the lizards they’re actually beneficial and quite comical at times Little tiny tiny ants are sugar ants they’re a pain in the neck if you get larger hands those are carpenter ants
    As for the pimento bugs or Mr. Roche and is happy friends you definitely need to get rid of them as quick as possible
    You can go to a do it yourself pest store and buy whatever you need
    BUT for for the very first time I would have an exterminator come in because you definitely want to spray underneath the house as well as around and outside Plus he will also get rid of sugar ants as well as fire ants if there’s any in the yard
    After that rid of bug at Home Depot I do that about every 6 months are you good
    One of your readers made a very good suggestion
    Leave most everything in your RV but go to Goodwill our yard sale and pick up utensils plates some living room stuff bedroom stuff bath and what have you you’re only living in the house X number of months out of the year why spend the big money now
    That way you’re not taking it out of the RV and putting it back into the RV when you leave just leave it in the house Otherwise you’re gonna need to go to an RV park to rest for moving back into the rv
    And dust,, it is a whole Nother issue if you think living in the desert with all it’s
    Dust you’re ready for the big surprise this is the dust capital of the world
    You can seal the house up with duct tape at it I’ll still find its way in
    After you seal your house before you leave wait till you come back
    And as for running out of money on your credit card don’t worry it has a built in safeguard it has A built in feature when it detects you’re low on funds it’ll say insufficient funds

  7. Palmetto bug? That’s a euphemism we tell the tourists. They’re roaches! Plain and simple. And disgusting. They only bug I truly hate.

  8. Don’t worry about dust. It’s a protective coating for the furniture.

    We prioritized which rooms had to be done first so we didn’t get overwhelmed. Then we tried to have a little fun shopping for things we really loved at prices we really loved little by little. After a year and a half, we are still not finished.

    Accept early on that the budget will get blown. Just do the best you can.

  9. Verizon is CDMA has a unit that they sell that supposed to increased your cell service not knowing what it cost buying it from Verizon but you could do a lot better on eBay
    Prices that I’ve seen on eBay for $40 and way up

    Verizon Wireless Network Extender

    Now AT&T uses (CSM)also makes what they call a micro-cell they run about $30-$50 off On eBay
    There called M-cell or micro-cell

    CDMA?: ?Alltel, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, Verizon?
    GSM?: ?AT&T, T-Mobile? A division of AT&T cricket
    IDEN?: ?Nextel ?
    If you’re still unsure I’m sure Greg White or Chris over at techno could fill you in better

  10. Take the time to check out yard sales or estate sales for things like shovels, rakes, fans,–things you didn’t need in the Motorhome.

  11. If you have Wi-Fi system hooked up properly in your house you could work through your Wi-Fi system
    and you will be making calls through your Wi-Fi in the house
    when you go outside you’ll be making regular cell phone calls
    Go Under settings
    You have a standalone Wi-Fi button on our off turn it on (that opened your Wi-Fi to your phone)
    A couple of buttons down from that you should have ( phone )or (call )open that up
    Should display another page on the very top it should say Wi-Fi calling ( cellular preferred is your connection preference )turn it on
    You’re done
    That Should allow you to work through your home Wi-Fi system if you have any issues double check with Verizon

  12. Now that you have the primary things done and bought – vacuuming the first time through, and have a comfortable bed and someplace to sit and eat, be sure to take time to enjoy the experience. Take a couple of lawn chairs and go down and sit on that dock and enjoy a sunset or two… What you haven’t gotten done today will wait for you. It surely doesn’t go anywhere – it’ll be there for you tomorrow! Wish I were there to help you.

  13. Now you’re scaring me. Pete and I will start our moving on Monday. I feel your pain…or at least I will soon enough.

  14. If you leave the lizards in the house they will eat your palmetto bugs and other creepy crawlies

  15. That may be true, Linda, but then I’ll have creepy crawly lizards in my house.

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