A Lazy Birthday

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Oct 162016

Thank you everybody for the birthday wishes yesterday! I tried to reply to everyone individually, but there were nearly 600 on Facebook, not to mention over 100 e-mails. I would have to hire an assistant to get to everybody. You all really made me feel very special.

So how did I spend my birthday? Dinner out? A movie? A walk on the beach? No, we stayed home and I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, watched some TV, and that was about it.

Miss Terry suggested we could do something, anything I wanted. But with all of the traffic of Biketoberfest and the restaurants all being packed, neither one of us really wanted to deal with it. Besides, being alone together is always one of our favorite things to do.

Terry did make me a nice birthday cake. Like everything she makes, it was totally from scratch. And like everything she makes, it was absolutely delicious.


I did get a nice birthday gift. What do you think of my new ride?


We weren’t actively looking for a truck, but when I spotted it on Craigslist it kind of caught my eye. It was only a few blocks from our campground, so we decided do drive by and take a look at it. The previous owner passed away a while back and his elderly wife doesn’t drive, so she did not want the continued expense of insuring and maintaining it.

I bet a guy could tow a pontoon boat with that. And you know, Christmas is coming!

I owe my pal Chris Yust from C&C Insurance a big thank you. Like I said, buying the truck was a spur of the moment thing, and when I called her late Friday afternoon to get it added to our policy, she dealt with a terrible cell phone and data connection where she was at the Verde Valley (Arizona) Thousand Trails to get the job done so we could get it registered. That kind of excellent customer service is why Chris and her hubby Charles have such a successful business and so many loyal, happy customers.

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Thought For The Day – True wisdom comes to us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.

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  8 Responses to “A Lazy Birthday”

  1. A Belated Birthday Wish to you Nick.
    Where will you be storing your new ride when you travel or are you getting rid of the Explorer?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  2. I would assume no candles on the cake because of the severe ‘fire hazard’?

  3. Very nice truck Nick.

  4. Happy late birthday, Nick. Great week for a birthday mine was the 14th.
    Enjoy the pretty new truck.

  5. So are you getting rid of the Explorer or are you going to keep both? If you keep both, how will you move them? Will you make Terry drive separately?

  6. My husband and I have been with Chris Yust for over 5 years and absolutely love doing business with her! Belated birthday wishes, Nick.

  7. Love your truck, First On Race Day 🙂 I got a f150 a wile back best truck I have ever had.
    Gear Head Gal Gretchen

  8. Cool ride now we can jack it up 6 inches an add 44 tires on there thresher exhaust
    Along with LED under body lites
    Now we got to find you a cap For the kayak an good stuff
    But I think I really figured out the real reason why you bought that fancy bad boy
    I’m sure it has a lot to do with that new super large size loom Mrs Terry looking for
    That she spotted the other day
    I hope I didn’t let the surprise out

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