No Love For These Bugs

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Sep 202016

When we pulled into Allatoona Landing Marina Resort Sunday evening to get off the road and out of the rain, I had no idea how big this huge body of water actually is. Lake Allatoona has over 12,000 surface acres and is a popular recreation spot for folks all over north Georgia and southern Tennessee. In addition to private operations like Allatoona Landing, there are also Corps of Engineers campgrounds, and the 1,776 acre Red Top Mountain State Park.

There is also a lot of history here. In June, 1864, Union and Confederate soldiers clashed there in the Battle of Allatoona Pass during the Atlanta Campaign of the Civil War. By the time the smoke had cleared, more than 1,500 men had been killed, wounded, or reported missing in action.

They say the only difference between men and boys is the cost of their toys, and I think that’s probably true. I have wanted a pontoon boat for quite a while now, and a friend of mine who has become a fulltime RVer has a very nice one for sale. And totally unexpected until he told me so Sunday evening, as it turned out it is in a boat slip at a marina on the lake. Being that close, we just had to go check it out.

If a guy had a place to keep it, this would be a very nice boat for Terry and I. It almost makes it worth buying a house just for that reason.


How about a floating house? This one is so big it looks like they have a pontoon boat just to run around in.


After I drooled all over the boat, we went back to the campground, hooked the Explorer up to our Blue Ox tow bar, and were on the road a little before 11 AM. There is really no good way to get through or around Atlanta. I know, because we have tried them all over the years. No matter which way you go, you can expect lots of traffic, lots of road construction, and a fair amount of frustration. This trip we took the Interstate 285 bypass on the west side of the city, and except for a lot of traffic in the aforementioned road construction, it wasn’t too bad. No worse than Phoenix, Denver, or any other big city.

At least it wasn’t raining, and we made good time as we headed south on Interstate 75. With one stop for fuel at a Flying J, and another stop at a rest area near Unadilla for a potty break and a sandwich, we made good time and eventually crossed into Florida. We were greeted in the Sunshine State by a brief but strong rainstorm.

With 330 miles behind us, we stopped for the night at Lake City RV Resort, just off Interstate 10. This is a nice campground, with pull-through full hookup sites, and just far enough away from the highway that there isn’t much traffic noise.

A few years ago Terry and I spent a lot of time in Lake City, and one place we really enjoyed was Cedar River Seafood. So once we were parked and had the utilities hooked up we drove into town for dinner. The restaurant has moved to a new location since we were there last, but the food was just as good as we remembered, and the servings were huge. Lots of fish, shrimp, scallops, a crab cake for Terry, clams for me, and cheese grits. I think it’s a law in the South that you have to eat grits at least once a week.



A phenomenon that anybody in Florida is familiar with are love bugs, also known as honeymoon flies, kissing bugs, and double-headed bugs. There are about 10 million of them per square foot right now, and they were all over the front end of the motorhome. I had to keep swatting them away as I was hooking up at the campground.



No, I don’t love love bugs. And I don’t love what they do to paint on a vehicle once they smash into it. There are about as caustic as my ex-wife’s divorce lawyer was. The difference is, at least they have the courtesy to die once they slam into you.

Today will be an easy day, only about 180 miles to New Smyrna Beach. It’s going to be great to be near the ocean again. We have missed it during our summer in the Midwest.

Thought For The Day – Doesn’t expecting the unexpected mean that the unexpected is actually expected?

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  1. I know you seldom go in the ocean just to the beach but there were 3 shark attacks the other day near New Smyrna Beach and that was before Bad Nick arrived.

  2. Easy way to get dried bugs off of a rig is to take a dryer softner sheet, get it wet and use it to scrub them off. Works really well.

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