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Sep 042016

I’m surprised at how many people I hear complaining that Hurricane (now tropical storm) Hermine has disrupted their Labor Day weekend plans. I don’t mean the “Darn, that sucks” kind of complaining, but rather those that are upset because campgrounds and RV parks where they had reservations are closed due to damage or a lack of electrical power and feel that those places have somehow done them wrong.

I actually heard from one person who said, “They just closed up and left. They should have a plan in place for when something like this happens.” They did have a plan, buddy. They got the hell out of Dodge! If I were in a hurricane’s path that’s exactly what I’d do, too!

Come on, people, let’s be at least a little bit realistic. Life happens. Yes, it sucks that your last big weekend of the summer didn’t work out, but it’s not like those campgrounds asked for the bad weather. You lost three days of playing. Many of them lost not only a significant amount of money in camping fees, but also suffered damage that will cost them thousands of dollars to repair.

Fortunately, the weather here in north-central Indiana has been perfect. Blue skies, mid-70s, you couldn’t ask for a better Labor Day weekend. So how have we been spending it? I hesitate to say, given the response from one blog reader yesterday who was upset that Miss Terry replaced the gooseneck faucet in our kitchen while I “sat at the computer,” but actually she was busy yesterday rebuilding our Sealand toilet. This is about the third time she’s had to take it apart and replace something, and I think by now it’s been pretty much completely rebuilt except for the China bowl itself.

And yes, while she was doing that I was sitting at the computer. I started working on my next book, Big Lake Celebration, and knocked out about 2500 words by the end of the day. I know some people think it’s strange that Terry is the handyman in the family, but that’s just the way it is. She has a mechanical mind and can look at a problem and figure out how to fix it in no time at all. I could stare at a light switch all afternoon and not understand that all I have to do is move it from down to up to turn the lights on. But when Terry’s all done, I can write a story about it! We each have our strengths and weaknesses.

Of course just because Terry can fix something doesn’t mean she’s not also a wizard in the kitchen. When she was done with the toilet I offered to take her out to dinner, but she said no, she would prefer to stay home. So she made a delicious meal of grilled pork steak with balsamic barbecue sauce that she made herself, baked potatoes, and fresh corn cut from the cob. Yeah, I know, I’m a very lucky man.

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Thought For The Day – My goal for today is to move just enough that no one thinks I’m dead.

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  7 Responses to “Life Happens”

  1. Nick, as I have said before Kudo’s to all that Miss Terry can do. I have been fortunate to have had two husbands who loved to camp and travel as did I. But, I am like you in that I have no mechanical knowledge of how to make sure a motor is running correctly plus a lot of mechanical things inside a motorhome. I now sit at home wishing that one of them had taught me a little more about the mechanical side of things so that I would feel safe enough in my ability to “go it alone”. However, I have sense to know that I do not have those abilities, so I sit at home and wonder “what if?” You do what you do best, and she does the same.

  2. glad to hear your weekend is so wonderful. I’m sitting in Florida-safely south of Hermine- where it has rained for 4 days. A fellow music jammer who follows his rain guage told me yesterday that it had overflowed the 15 inch top over night.
    the sun came out about 3pm yesterday and the east coast can have whats left.
    I too am stuck to my computer working on my next book.

  3. Terry’s lucky too. You’re not afraid to admit all that she can do. Hope you’ll be there for awhile. We’ll be over your way in two weeks.

  4. Come on Nick …. you are perfectly handy in the electrical department. Luckily you haven’t had any electrical problems lately!! Sure wish I could cook like Miss Terry. It’s hard cooking for one. I’ve had casserole, leftover meatloaf, leftover casserole and again leftover casserole for the last four days. Maybe instead of a husband, I should try to find a chef to travel with!!

  5. Some people can only see the world as it pertains to them. I’m so glad you gave those selfish folks what-for, Nick. A lot of people lost homes and suffered extensive damages. As for Terry, I may need to take a few handywoman classes from her before I hit the road.

  6. If everyone was good at the same things, the work of the world would not get done, or to put it another way, you and Terry make a great team.

    Thank goodness you are good at story telling. I am in the middle of a “Nickfest” right now. I downloaded Return to Dog’s Run, Stillborn Armadillos, and Big Lake Abduction a few days ago. I could hardly put down Return to Dog’s Run, and I am now halfway through Stillborn Armadillos. I love that title, by the way

  7. Nancy, you do not have to sit at home and wonder what could have been. Contact your local community college or senior center. There is bound to be classes available to teach you what you don’t know. You don’t have to have a man to teach you what you need to know. There are plenty of ladies around that could teach you. Get up, get out and enjoy life. You can do it.

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