I Should Listen To Me

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Sep 192016

We left Kentucky Horse Park Campground in Lexington, Kentucky at 10 o’clock yesterday morning under cloudy skies. When we’ve been there before we have always pulled into one of the two dump stations to hook the Explorer up to the back of the motorhome. But we’ve never left there on a Sunday before. Each dump station had three or four RVs in line waiting to dump. Since we didn’t have to dump, just hook up, Terry followed me out of the campground and I pulled over on the wide shoulder of the road so we could get the job done.

I always tell RVers that there’s no sense driving in bad weather. Where the heck do you have to be that you would do that? I mean, you’ve got your house with you, so where are you going? I should listen to me.

We had more of the on-again off-again rain like we did the day before, and then a few miles north of Knoxville it really started coming down hard. But according to the Radar Now app on my phone it looked like it should be clear about the time we got to Knoxville. And it was. The storm system was moving east, and I had to decide whether I wanted to take Interstate 40 east in North Carolina and then down into South Carolina, or to continue south on Interstate 75 into Georgia. Given the weather, that looked like the better option, so that’s what we did.

There were some sprinkles leaving Knoxville that turned into a heavy downpour about half way to Chattanooga, where it cleared up again just after we crossed the state line into Georgia. I was tempted to find some place to stay the night in that area, but like a fool, I kept pushing on. And the closer we got to Atlanta, the harder it rained.

We got off the interstate in Cartersville, looking for someplace to spend the night. A mile and a half away, through a construction zone, we came to a WalMart and I pulled in to check things out. I thought about dry camping there, but the temperature was in the upper 70s and very humid. Lots of rain will do that, you know.

I was hoping to find a Passport America campground, but there weren’t any nearby. So I used the RV Parky app on my phone and located Altoona Landing Marina Resort, which was about seven or eight miles away, further south. I called and the nice lady who answered the phone said she had room for us, and asked if we were members of Good Sam or AARP, because they have a discount for both. I told her no, but we were Escapees. As it turned out, they don’t have discounts for them. Then she asked if I was in the military or had been. I told her yes, I had been, and she said no problem and gave us a discount. How nice is that? The downpour had let up a little bit and I said we were on our way.

We drove back through the construction zone to the interstate, and as soon as I turned onto the on-ramp I knew we were in trouble. I could see a long line of traffic stopped on the highway. With nothing else we could do, I joined the traffic jam and we inched along for the next four miles at the speed of sludge.



Of course, there are always fools who think they are more important than everybody else, and some of them were speeding past on the shoulders on both sides of the road like they had someplace important to be. One of them earned himself a ticket from the Georgia State Patrol for that stunt! I will admit to a bit of a gloating chuckle about that.

When we finally made it to the accident site, it was a mess. I don’t know how many vehicles were involved in it, but I saw an eighteen wheeler on one side of the road, the mangled remains of a pickup truck in the middle of the highway, and this SUV towing a travel trailer, which had rear-ended another vehicle. I hope everybody made it out of there okay, but I’m not too optimistic about that.


We finally got off the interstate at Exit 283 and drove two miles down a very narrow winding road to Altoona Landing, where one of their security guys got us quickly checked in and escorted us to our site. This was another 350 mile day, and yes, I know that’s ridiculous, especially in all of that rain. I’d be telling you the same thing. Like I said, I really should listen to me.

Today we will make our way around Atlanta, something I’m not looking forward to, and we will be in Florida tonight, which I am looking forward to.

Here’s a heads up for anybody traveling through Georgia or the Carolinas anytime soon. There was some kind of pipeline break in Alabama which has disrupted deliveries in this region and many gas stations are completely sold out. I called a truck stop near us and diesel doesn’t seem to be a problem. That’s good, because I am about at the half tank mark and it’s time to fill up

Congratulations Rosanne Lloyd, this week’s winner of an audiobook of Chase the Rabbit, the first book in my friend Steven Thomas’ Gretch Bayonne action adventure series. We had 57 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

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  6 Responses to “I Should Listen To Me”

  1. welcome to central Florida, mid 90s every day, upper 70s at night, humidity in the 80s and rain forecast for every day this week.

  2. Atlanta on a Monday morning, rush hour. OUCH!
    Be careful.

  3. I’m waiting to hear more when you arrive in Florida. Must be something interesting that made you travel so quickly or maybe it was that we were in Indiana.

  4. Going near Atlanta ANY day of the week is a nightmare!! I have offered my son any sum of $ if he would move south of Atlanta….haha

  5. And now you know the “rest of the story” ….You had that coming Nick. Just sayin. And after all that you still plan on driving how many miles to Florida thru Atlanta and all in one stint? 222 Plan Nick, you know, the one you told me about a few years ago?

    Ok sorry…….I just had to do it 🙂

  6. Sorry to here about all the rain you are having. But if I recall it seems to follow you a lot. I am glad you are keeping it back their, we are having gread weather here in Albuquerque.

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