A Heck Of A Deal!

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Sep 172016

It’s always nice to meet blog readers and make new friends, and that’s what I got to do yesterday. Jimmy Crawford is here at Elkhart Campground for the IRV2 rally and sent an email asking if we could meet. So yesterday afternoon I dropped by his motorhome and we had a nice visit.

Jimmy is a recently retired professional photographer who said he spent most of his life looking at the world through a viewfinder, and now he’s enjoying getting a broader view of all there is out here to see. From here he’s headed to Albuquerque for the Balloon Festival, which I’m sure is going to add quite a bit to his memory bank. We talked about travel, blogging, making the transition from working to enjoying retirement, and a few other things before Miss Terry came by to pick me up so we could run some errands.

Terry and I always enjoy exploring places like antique malls and resale shops. You just never know what you’re going to find. And while living in a motorhome doesn’t allow a lot of room for impulse purchases, it’s always fun to see things that we remember as kids that are now classified as antiques. Then again, I suspect we may have reached that stage in life as well.

One place we’ve discovered here in Elkhart is the Hart City Resale Mall, a massive place with dozens of vendor stalls. We were there a couple of weeks ago and found a huge stash of yarn at a very good price, which had to come home with us. Such is the life of a fiber artist’s husband.

The last time we were there Terry saw another vendor booth with some four foot wide rolls of wool fabric and she was tempted to buy one of them for some projects she wants to do. But being the frugal woman that she is, she decided to think on it for a while.

We went back yesterday and there were three rolls that interested her. One had 20 feet of fabric on it and was going for $40, another had a little over 41 feet and was going for $83, and third was about 14 feet of fabric and was priced at $28. Being the frugal woman she is, Terry could not make up her mind, so I suggested I go up to the counter and see if they might consider a slight discount on one of the rolls.

I was hoping for 10 or 15 percent, but as it turned out, we had not seen the sign in front of the display that said everything was 50% off. And then the nice lady at the counter said she could probably do better than that for us. I went back and told Terry that at that price, she should get all three of them. I had to talk her into it, and then when we got up to the counter the clerk said she could actually give us a 75% discount. So for less than the original cost of the biggest roll, we got all three. Now that’s a heck of a deal!


The clerk also mentioned that the vendor who had all the yarn was moving out of state and had everything priced at 50% off as well. So I told Terry to go check it out, and this is what she came back with. With the huge stock of yarn she has on hand already, I think she’s good to go for a few years of serious weaving!


We have enjoyed our summer here at Elkhart Campground and I’ve gotten a lot of work done. But it’s about time to scratch that hitch itch. RV wheels were made to roll and either today or tomorrow, depending on the weather, we will be leaving Indiana and heading south. There was supposed to be a storm system coming through the area yesterday afternoon/evening, which never showed up, and another one behind it on Sunday. Neither looked like there was going to be much to them, so I think those wheels will be rolling real soon.

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  1. Stash is a good thing. I always like to have STASH!!

  2. It never hurts to ask for a lower price, I’ve learned.

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