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Before you ever turn the key to begin your next RV trip, here are ten websites you should be reading. You will be amazed at how many interesting places you will find waiting for you to discover!

Explore Southern History – If it happened in the South, you will learn about it here! From antebellum Georgia plantations to Revolutionary War battlefields, haunted lighthouses to ancient Indian mounds, and more they are all here.

Legends of America – From Route 66 to ghost towns, legends, myths, historic forts, and more, if it’s out there, you can probably find it on Legends of America.

Visit New England – If you’re into history, beautiful scenery, small town festivals, and great seafood, New England’s the place for you and this website will take you to all of the “must see” locations.

Civil War Battlefields – The Civil War Trust has a fine website about the War Between the States, including a guide to Civil War Battlefields large and small.

Florida Backroads Travel – If you spend any time in Florida, get to know this interesting website that will help you discover hundreds of interesting places to visit on the less traveled back roads.

Historical Marker Data Base – I have never owned a vehicle capable of passing one of those historical markers that can be found on highways and back roads from coast to coast. I just have to stop and read them! But sometimes it’s impossible to stop, as much as I want to. No problem, all I have to do is log onto Historical Marker Data Base on my computer or smart phone and every historical marker in my area is listed, with photos and complete inscriptions.

Country Magazine Road Trips – Known for its excellent photography, down home stories, and nostalgia, Country magazine is one of my favorites, and their website is a very good travel resource.

Tour Texas – The Lone Star state is more than just cowboys and oil wells, and this website will introduce you to all that Texas has to offer, including historic battlefields, wide sandy beaches, interesting small towns, and oddball museums.

Touch The Pacific Northwest – Grant Goodeve, host of KING5 television’s Northwest Backroads, introduces website visitors to the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer, including natural wonders, culture, recreation, wineries, restaurants, and more!

Ghost Towns – Ghost towns are not just an Old West thing, you can find them everywhere from New England to the Great Lakes, the Deep South, and yes, even out west! Learn all about them here!

Good news for those of you who like to save money on your reading material! Yesterday I enrolled the ten books in my Big Lake mystery series in Amazon’s Select program for the next three months. So if you are an Amazon Prime or Select member, you can now read all of them for free.

Thought For The Day – Some people create their own storms and then get mad when it rains.

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  1. To late you already have all my money…..or better stated we have already purchased all of the Big Lake serries.

  2. Thank you for sharing these websites. We are always on the lookout for out of the way places and interesting bits of history. I have added your suggestions to my trip planning tools.

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