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Aug 082016

Several blog readers have asked how big Miss Terry’s Baby Wolf loom is and how much space it takes up in our motorhome.

The loom folds up when not in use. When it’s opened up, the loom’s footprint is about three feet square, with the beam handle adding another six inches or so to its width about halfway up. If we still had our old 96 inch wide MCI bus conversion with no slides it would probably be impossible. But with our 102 inch wide Winnebago with a living room slide, we are able to make it work. Here are pictures of the loom opened up from both the front and rear of the living room.

Loom from front

Loom from rear

Sometimes it gets a bit tight passing back and forth, but it’s not a problem I couldn’t solve by losing 100 pounds or so. Really, it’s no big hassle and she loves weaving so much that is worth the minor inconvenience now and then.

I mentioned a while back that Terry had purchased an Instant Pot on Amazon, and yesterday, blog reader Jerry Hayes sent me an email asking me what she thought of it.

Instant Pot

Terry says it’s a good pressure cooker and crock pot, but she’s only used it a couple of times because it really doesn’t fit our style of cooking and eating. If you like soups and stews and things like that, it’s great. It is also larger than she expected and takes up more room on the counter than she thought it would and it will not fit in any of our kitchen cupboards.

And just for the heck of it, here is a story of another question someone asked me once, and one I may have shared with you before. For many years we were instructors for the Life on Wheels program. Once, when I was giving a seminar on the fulltime RV lifestyle, I asked for questions at the end of my presentation. A very sweet lady who was probably in her early 70s raised her hand and asked if it was okay to ask me a personal question. I said sure and she asked, “When you’re parked close to people in an RV park and you’re making love, does it shake the motorhome or anything so that people outside know what’s happening in there?” I looked that sweet lady right in the eye and said, “Yes ma’am, it does if you’re doing it right!”

Hey, I’ve made the big time! No, not making the New York Times bestseller list. I actually did that a few months after my first mystery novel, Big Lake, came out. But that’s nothing compared to something I learned yesterday. You can now order printed copies of my books from Walmart! That’s right. Big Lake is available at this link on WalMarts website, and Dog’s Run can be ordered here. And you don’t even have to go to Walmart and fight through the crowds to get them. How cool is that?

Congratulations Richard Sjolin, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Dog’s Run, my mystery set in a small town in Ohio in 1951. We had 137 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon!

Thought For The Day – I’m great at multitasking; I can waste time, be unproductive, and procrastinate all at once.

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  4 Responses to “We Make It Work”

  1. You know that you’ve arrived when your book is in Walmart! I don’t think that J. D. Salinger made it there. 😉 Congratulations, Nick.

  2. WOW!!! I’m stopping at the first Walmart I come to so I can buy one! Maybe I’ll even be able to get it autographed!!!!!

    With the parrot in tow, I really don’t have room for my Wolfe Pup. I miss it to be sure!!

  3. That takes up a lot of room but, it looks cozy in there. I can see you pumping our words and Terry looming up a storm. The motorhome probably rocks in rhythm to the weaving. Ha! Does Terry have an etsy store or something to sell her wares?

  4. Not at this point, Sally, but she may eventually set one up.

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