Aug 172016

As I said in yesterday’s blog, we have been getting a lot of rain here in northern Indiana. But even the weatherman on the 11 PM news on Monday didn’t know how much we were going to get. They were predicting up to three inches, but the storm was just getting started by then.

Depending on what part of the region you were in, some places got five inches and some as many as ten inches. Watching the news last night of neighborhoods flooded in nearby Mishawaka and South Bend, I thought we’d made a wrong turn somewhere and wound up down in Louisiana. Someone also told me a tornado touched down somewhere in this area, but I didn’t catch that on the news to confirm where.

We are high and dry here at Elkhart Campground, and it looks like we will be able to dry out in the next couple of days, though more rain is forecast for this weekend.

I hope it’s not too bad, because Saturday we want to go up to Allegan, Michigan for the Michigan Fiber Festival. Terry is really looking forward to that, and one of the weaving bloggers she reads is going to be there.

Then on Sunday we leave here and go up to Muskegon, Michigan for a week to see my cousin Berni and her husband Rocky. We always have a blast when we’re with them, and we’re really looking forward to it. Though I’m the youngest of eight children, I’m the only one still left alive, and I don’t have a lot of family members I’m close to. But Berni and Rocky are more than just family, they’re great friends, too.

Anybody who’s been reading my blog for very long knows that I’m not a fan of the RV industry, and I make no secret of the fact that I think way too many RV dealers and salesmen are sharks who care more about making a quick profit than they do about taking care of the customer. But sometimes I get an email from somebody complaining about how they got shafted by a dealer, and I have to shake my head and wonder “Really? Whose fault is this?”

I got two letters like that recently. One was from somebody who saw an older gas model Class A online, over 1,000 miles away, talked to the dealer over the telephone, and sent him a cashier’s check for $35,000, sight unseen, because he said he had three other customers wanting to buy it. When they got there to pick it up, it was a piece of junk. In fact, they said it wasn’t even the same color as the RV they saw in the ad. But since the ad is no longer online, and he’s got their money, they’re stuck. Yeah, this guy is a real creep who took advantage of them, but they’ve got to take some responsibility themselves. Why in the world would you send that much money for something you haven’t even laid eyes on? I sure wouldn’t.

The other case is beyond unrealistic. A couple traded in their fifth wheel on a new diesel pusher, and the day they picked it up they took it to a campground on a lake for a two-week shakedown trip. Then, when they got home, they found out it’s four inches too tall to fit into their pole barn. They wanted the dealer to take it back at full price, and he said no. Can you blame him? It’s not his fault they didn’t take the time to measure, and it’s now a used unit. I have to stand with the dealer on this one folks.

Last night Terry finished the first edit and proofing of my new book and I made the corrections she suggested, then sent it off to my second proofreader so she can do her thing. Terry said she likes this first book in my new John Lee Quarrels series even more than she does the Big Lake series.

Thought For The Day – I think a lot of people were put on this earth simply to test my anger management skills.

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  3 Responses to “Did I Make A Wrong Turn Somewhere?”

  1. When it comes to used RV’s everything looks better in pictures!!! I just had that experience selling our 19 yr old MH. I posted it on Cragslist with a few pictures saying to expect wear and even mentioned problems. The first viewer drove 2 hrs to see the unit and mentioned it look rougher than the pictures. So I added pictures calling attention to the problems … still sold the MH:)

  2. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new book and some new characters. You wrote the last one so fast I thought it might not be as good, but boy was I wrong. I think the books just keep getting better and better. Keep listening to the voices in your head!

  3. I see posts like that all the time, “should I send $$ to a dealer (or private party) over 1,000 miles away to hold the unit?” How and why are people so gullible when it comes to rv’s? It seems they don’t put in many hours doing research, they want someone else to tell them what to buy.
    Before we purchased a used 5th wheel, we rented 2 class c’s and then a class a. We did not have the 5th wheel inspected, we were lucky, it was in good shape (count ourselves as gullible). Wake up people, we can’t tell you what to buy, how much to pay or what floorplan will be best for you. Rent before you buy, you will get a better idea of what you like and don’t like. Don’t make a quickie decision, there are lots of rv’s out there to buy.

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