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Aug 062016

I got an email yesterday from someone who needed clarification on a couple of things and said he wanted to pick my brain. My first thought was, “that should only take half a minute or so.”

He said that he refers to his Jayco travel trailer, which he and his family use just about every weekend they can, weather permitting, as his camper. But he said a friend that they camp with a lot constantly corrects him and tells him it is a recreational vehicle, not a camper. According to this friend, campers are pop-up tent units and that anything with a bathroom, stove and refrigerator is a recreational vehicle.

He also said that when he told somebody he had a tow behind camper, the same friend insisted quite loudly that that was not the correct term, it is a towable. He said he didn’t want to sound dumb so he was hoping I could straighten him out on the correct terminology.

My first thought was, the only dumb thing you’re doing is hanging around that jerk. Call it whatever you like. I’m never sure where people like this come up with the rulebook. It’s kind of like the debate about boondocking versus dry camping. There are some people who will insist that boondocking is only done out in the middle of the desert or the forest, far from the nearest campground of any kind or any other modern convenience, and that dry camping is done in a friend’s driveway or a business parking lot without hookups. As far as I’m concerned they are one and the same, but then again, I don’t have the rulebook, so what do I know?

Folks, don’t get bogged down on terms. It doesn’t matter if you are in a camper, a recreational vehicle, or an RV, or if you’re dry camping, or boondocking, or if you’re in a campground or an RV park.

Are you having fun? If so, that’s all that matters.

And if you’ve got a “friend” who feels it’s very important to correct you on every little thing like that, maybe you need to find a new camping buddy.

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  5 Responses to “Call It What You Like”

  1. I call them all “rigs “.

  2. 90% of the time my wife calls it dry docking. And she has never been a sailor.

  3. Well, to each his own. We don’t camp and don’t have a camper.
    When we are on the road we are living in our RV.
    For us camping is what the weekenders and families on vacation do. They bring their kids and dogs to the CG, let them run, and have a fire going 24 hrs a day, We think this is great for them, the kids and the dogs.
    But that’s not us. We prefer a quiet relaxing CG with trees, plenty of distance between sites and fresh air. So we stay away from Jellystone CGs and other vacation destination CGs. We seek the small Mom and Pop CGs, local and regional parks.
    Everyone has their own style. So do what makes you happy.

  4. If Their name is on the title It’s there tax deduction they can call it whatever they want.
    They can call it Herbie the tin box whatever makes them feel comfortable
    And if one has to have an argument pull out Herbie the tin box,s Motor vehicle registration card
    It will state your states politically correct terminology ( after all your state knows better than your friends )

  5. Is it any wonder we have HRC and Trump running for Prez. With ‘Nitpickers” like that……wow.

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