We Miss You All, Too

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Jul 282016

For the last few days I’ve been getting emails and Facebook messages from folks that are at the Escapees Escapade RV rally in Essex Junction, Vermont, saying how much they miss us and wish we were there. We miss all of you, too, and we are sorry we couldn’t make it. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way while we are making other plans.

Everybody we are hearing from is saying it’s one of the best Escapades ever. I don’t doubt it, our pals Bob and Molly Pinner are the Escapade directors, and since they will be handing the gavel over to new directors for next year, I’m sure they really put on a heck of a show as their swansong. Not that they have ever scrimped on any of the rallies they have put on.

I spent the morning writing, while Miss Terry was winding threads into a warp for her next weaving project. About 3 o’clock I knocked off long enough to run up to the office and pick up a package that came in from Amazon, and on the way back to our motorhome I stopped to visit with Al Hesselbart for a bit and gave him an old Rand McNally RV GPS that we don’t use anymore.

While we were chatting we admired the neat old rigs coming in for the vintage RV rally. Folks sure put a lot of time and attention into those things. Once everybody gets here and gets set up, I’ll have some photos in the blog.

Back at home, I wrote for a while longer and then our friends Ron and Brenda Speidel showed up and we spent quite a bit of time talking. For the last couple of years Ron has been dealing with some pretty serious health issues, and this is their first chance to travel in a long time. They are really enjoying it, and who can blame them?

Eventually we all got hungry, so we went to dinner at a place that they enjoy called Noodles and Company, which is a chain that they have eaten at in other parts of the Midwest. The restaurant here opened sometime in the last two years and we had never been to one before. It was very good and we look forward to going back again sometime.

Back at the campground, we visited for a while more and Terry showed Brenda her warping board with all the colorful threads wound onto it. Brenda said she would have to be a mathematician to try to figure out how that all went together. Me too, that’s why I just stand back and admire the finished creation.

When Ron and Brenda left I spent some time checking email, then tinkered with what I had written earlier, making a few corrections. I got about 2500 words in for the day, but that’s okay, things are moving right along.

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Thought For The Day – Being honest may not always get you many friends, but it will always get you the right ones.

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  1. Noodles and Company, is the same company hat refused to serve a police woman in a location in Virginia, this happened in the last few days. I am sure that if you and Ron knew that ou probably would of went somewhere else.

  2. jon ensminger: The employees involved at that location were fired.

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