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Jul 052016

It’s a fact of life that wherever you do your RVing you are occasionally going to have to deal with bad weather. We have been in monsoons in the Arizona desert that can fill dry riverbeds with raging floodwaters in a matter of seconds, more than once we have had tornadoes touch down within a couple of miles of us in the Midwest, we’ve been rocked by sandstorms, tropical storms, and even been in a snowstorm or two, though we try very hard to avoid any place where the white stuff is falling.

No matter where we are, we cannot always escape Mother Nature when she goes on an occasional rampage. But we can be aware of the weather around us and be prepared to seek shelter if necessary. One of the most frequent questions I get from RVers is which weather radios and phone apps do I recommend.

One weather radio I like is the handheld Midland HH54VP. It’s inexpensive, has three alert options (tone, voice, and visual), and stores up to nine county codes.

Midland weather radio

Another good unit is the AcuRite 08580 weather station, which works on both battery and home AC power.

Weather station

Yet another I recommend is the iRonsnow IS-088 Dynamo, a self-powered emergency radio that runs on AC or DC power and can also be charged by solar power or with a hand crank. It receives AM/FM and NOAA weather broadcasts, and can also serve as an LED flashlight and a smart phone charger.

Crank radio

There are many excellent weather apps for smart phones. Two free ones I recommend and use are Radar Now! and Rainy Days, though there are many others to choose from.

Of course, you can have every kind of weather radio and phone app in the world and it doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know where you’re at. You may know what city your campground is located in, but do you know what county it’s in? Weather broadcasts are usually by county. An excellent app I use on my Samsung phone is one called Where Am I? It tells me my location by zip code, street address, city, state, and county, as well as my GPS coordinates. This is handy for a lot of things besides weather, including knowing the zip code when you want to have mail forwarded to you someplace, or telling roadside service or emergency responders exactly where to find you.

Knowledge is power, and can also be safety. Be aware of your surroundings. No matter where you happen to be, sunshine and blue skies can turn to clouds and hazardous conditions before you know it. But keep in mind that while you cannot control the weather, you shouldn’t live your life in fear of what might happen. Anywhere you go in the country something can happen, but the probability is that it won’t. So don’t dwell on it, just have fun enjoying the RV lifestyle.

Another way to enjoy the RV lifestyle is through John and Kathy Huggins’ weekly Living the RV Dream podcast, website, their two Facebook groups, and their annual rallies (this year’s rally will be in Bradenton, Florida in October). But because doing all that left him as much as 15 or 20 minutes a month free, John had to find some way to fill that idle time. So he just launched a new monthly RV newsletter. You can see a sample copy and subscribe at this link. Judging by what I saw in the first issue, he’s got another winner on his hands.

Thought For The Day – People don’t always remember what you say to them. But they never forget how you made them feel.

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  11 Responses to “Watching The Weather”

  1. Good morning, Nick. Enjoying your blog as always, however I can’t find the ap “Where Am I’ on my I phone. Really need one that shows the county I am in, but so far no luck. There are lots of aps called “Where Am I”, but so far none of them I have looked at show the county. Zip code, street address, etc. would also be helpful, but many times I want to know the county and have to ask someone nearby! Any suggestions?

  2. You could download off the internet the counties of each state and place them in a binder. That’s what I did so that all I need to know is what county I’m in and I set my weather radio to that county. It is so much easier and convenient. My weather radio and binder of counties comes with us when we travel in the USA.

    Rick & Kathy Rousseau It’s about time!

  3. Idea of having a freestanding weather alert forecast in your RV is great
    However there are other ways to receive a notification and that’s by your smart phone there are five or six good apps out there that will alert you as long as you carry your smart phone
    My suggestion would be downloading two of them and let them run in the background Did I say they’re free free always good

    Norma Hick
    On your smart phone you should have Google maps ( it’s a free app )
    Open your location ( Unless you already have it open )
    Once you do that Open Google map you see a white and blue button on the map portion tap that will give you your exact location
    One advantage of leaving the location on is most road service companies coach net an good Sam can lock into that smart phone for their location to help find you
    ( it only works if you call them )

  4. Norma, it may not be available for Iphones, I don’t know. I use a Samsung.

  5. More technobabble BS. I get so tired of hearing abut computers and smart phones and all that stuff. Pioneers made it all the way to Oregon in covered wagons without any of that but today you need a GPS to get to the store. Just look outside. If it’s gray and wet it’s raining. If the trees are waving it’s windy. If it’s white and cold it’s snowing. You all are so hung up on your gadgets you’re too dumb to just look and see. Geez people, grow up!

  6. You’re right, Jerry, those pioneers on the Oregon Trail did just fine without modern technology. Well, except for the thousands that died along the way.

  7. Nick you’re right also it took Christopher Columbus twice to get to the New World his GPS was off by about 1000 miles so you can’t trust that newfangled contraption
    And those dog-gon IndiansThey probably moved all the wagon train signage North they were really heading to California but Stuckey’s pilot And loves only went as far as Idaho and they ran out of those free fold up fancy paper maps
    So I guess technology really is a bummer I think I’m going back to my 49 fold up Fancy maps of the United States
    Forgot to ask Jerry if he still writes paper checks
    As for Google maps android and iPhone not a problem
    My personal phone is an android my work is an I
    As far as the weather apps OK there too
    I have two GPS units when traveling through California was 75 miles off course
    Newfangled contraption couldn’t tell the difference between 99 and 70
    Switch to my smart phone dead on

  8. OMG I just found more new technology it’s called a sink sprayer on the end of the hose
    Its used to rinse or wash something in your sink ( or spray somebody when they walk by ) (cool )
    And no I didn’t see it on the cooking channel

  9. Well, don’t bash Jerry too much. We carry a Wal Mart paper atlas and can easily look at the town we are in and what county it is in.

  10. For the iPhone, try the ” Where Am I At?” app.

  11. Thanks to all for your suggestions, especially Mister Ed and Jim Guld and the Rousseaus. I’ll try all ideas.

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