Jul 262016

Sunday evening we got an email from our old friend Pat Astbury, telling us she was at Elkhart Campground and had been thinking about us and the times we have crossed paths here. Pat and her husband Scott were a very nice couple that we always enjoyed visiting with, and we were heartbroken when Scott passed away a few years back. It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from Pat, and we didn’t know she was traveling again.

As soon as I got her email I sent a reply that we were also at the campground. Unfortunately, apparently she doesn’t check her email all that often, because yesterday when I went up to the office to find out what site she was in, she had already left. What a bummer. Hopefully we will cross paths again somewhere down the road.

The new glasses Terry got a week or so ago weren’t fitting her right and the placement of the bifocal in the lenses was giving her difficulty. EyeMart has a free replacement guarantee, so yesterday we drove to Mishawaka and she explained the problem she was having to one of their opticians, who ordered her a new pair. They should be here in about two weeks, and at no charge. That’s pretty good service.

Elkhart Campground is one of our favorite places to hang out in the whole country, but the water in much of Elkhart is terrible and always has been. We have to change our water filters more frequently than in other places, and when we got back to the campground that was the first order of business. We use a two-stage filter system in our motorhome; the primary is a string or fiber cartridge, and the secondary filter uses a charcoal cartridge.

While we were doing that, longtime blog reader Gary Materne came by to say hello. The last time we saw Gary was when we had our Gypsy Gathering rally here back in 2010. We visited for a while, and he told us that they were only here overnight. After a stop at the RV Museum this morning, they’re going to continue heading east, back home to New York. It was nice to see Gary again.

In yesterday’s blog I showed you a huge Haulmark truck conversion and matching double stacker trailer. Here is the opposite end of the spectrum. There is a vintage RV rally at the campground this week, and this is one of the early arrivals. And do you know the great thing about RVing? Whether you are in that that gigantic toy hauler, or a tiny little rig like this, the view from under the awning is the same. How cool is that?

Tiny trailer

Since we were busy running around yesterday, I only managed to get 2500 words written. I was aiming for 5000, but the day just got away from me. I’ll get back to it today and make up for lost time.

Thought For The Day – I find it ironic that the colors red, white, and blue stand for freedom, until they’re flashing behind you.

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  1. My girlfriend has a rig just like that. It’s the same as mine … has a bed, a bathroom, a kitchen and a dining table … they’re all just pint sized!!

    The last water filter I used was charcoal. It slowed my faucets to a trickle and the toilet would hardly flush. Dan C said to throw it away, so I did and everything returned to normal. Any ideas why? Any brand better than others? I only have one large one in my bay. Maybe a blog on water filters or did I miss it?

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