Silver And Sixty

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Jul 162016

No, not my hair, or what’s left of it. It may be silver, but it passed 60 a few years ago. I’m talking about Silver Avions, beautiful classic travel trailers that many people think are Airstreams when they first see them.

Actually, many people I know who have Avions think they’re far superior to Airstreams. I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never had either. Maybe it’s like the Mac versus Windows computer people. Although, having had both, you couldn’t give me another Mac.

Yellow awning

At any rate, Avions turn 60 this year, and a group of owners are having a rally here at Elkhart Campground. For the last two days we have enjoyed watching the trailers roll in. There sure are some beauties here, dating all the way back to the 1950s.

Long Avion

Line of Avions

Everybody seems to be having a good time, and one of the rally people told me that tomorrow some of the owners are having an open house so visitors can see the inside of their rigs. That should be interesting.

Short Avion

You can learn more about these beautiful vintage trailers at this Avion website, which includes all kinds of restoration tips and an article on the history of the company.

Miss Terry has been busy proofing my new Big Lake mystery novel and is about halfway through it. She hasn’t thrown up her hands in disgust yet, so I guess that’s good. I should have it to my second proofreader by the end of the weekend if all goes well.

We are going to take some time off today because we have company coming. My cousin Nora, her husband Chris, and their daughter Emily are driving over from Ohio to visit with us. I haven’t met Chris yet, though we are Facebook friends, and I’m looking forward to getting to know him.

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Sentinel in Elysium cover

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  1. There’s the answer to your question that you posed a couple of days back
    Winnebago keystone Jayco eclipse heartland Gulfstream forest river Dutchman and coachman and last but not least airstream how many of those trailer are going to be around in 60 years,,, my bet is going to be only one and that would be the airstream
    It seems like anything built Prior to the late 1960s they seem to have had their act together
    When you take groups like Alvin is airstream or tin can tourist and how far back they go it’s one big meticulous labor of love and enjoyment
    ////And The toaster was always at the proper height ////

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