She’s Still Purging

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Jul 122016

No, Miss Terry does not have an eating disorder, but she has been purging for days now. She decided she was tired of carrying around so much stuff that never gets used so she’s been going through all of the cabinets and clearing things out. Lots of stuff has gone to the dumpster, and other stuff will be going to Goodwill or someplace like that.

She showed me how much space is now available just in the cabinets here in the front of the motorhome and I told her the good news is, now she’s got more room for yarn. She was pretty quick to jump all over that, and told me that yarn weighs a lot less than the stuff she’s been getting rid of.

One of the big advantages of sitting still here at Elkhart Campground for a while is that even with so many visitors dropping by, I’ve still got lots of time to write. And while Terry has been doing her thing, that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m really rocking right along on my new book, Big Lake Abduction. I started it June 21st and I’m at a little over 65K words now. I wrote 7K of them yesterday. I hope to finish it today, or tomorrow at the very latest. Then I’ll turn it over to Terry, who will take a break from her purging, to proofread and edit it. After that, it’ll go to my cousin Beverly in Tucson and she will give it a second proofing. I think we’re well on track to have it out by the end of the month.

This is the fastest I’ve ever written a book and I was worried that the quality might suffer, but I’ve been going over the story for over a year now in my head and it just seems to be flowing out of me. I like what I’m seeing, and hopefully Terry will too when she starts the proofreading process.

I did take a break from writing for a while yesterday to visit with our friend Al Hesselbart, who stopped by to say hello. Al’s vintage Newell coach is in the shop getting the radiator rebuilt, so he’s rooming with his son, here in town. I think he’s already looking forward to getting back into his home on wheels. I know whenever we are away from our motorhome, staying in a motel room, or somebody’s house while we visit, we feel the same way. That’s why we very seldom do it. Besides, I get frustrated when I go to the bathroom and can’t remember how to flush it because it doesn’t have a pedal for my foot.

No matter how busy she is, Terry always finds time to make a delicious dinner, and yesterday was no exception. She grilled a flank steak and served it along with baked potatoes and peas, and it was delicious, of course. Terry says the more she uses the ManGrate grills that I wrote about in a blog a few days ago, the more she likes them. I don’t blame her, everything she has cooked on them has been outstanding.

Thought For The Day – Women sometimes make fools of men, but most guys are the do-it-yourself type.

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  1. If I were you, I wouldn’t sit in any one spot to long until she is done purging.

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