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Jul 012016

The weather has been excellent here in northern Indiana this week, with days in the mid to upper 70s and nights in the low 60s. That’s what I call pretty weather!

Talking about pretty, check out this combination of a 1936 Cadillac and vintage Spartan Manor trailer that pulled into Elkhart Campground Wednesday afternoon. The trailer is either a 1949 or 1950, RV historian Al Hesselbart wasn’t sure which. You can bet a lot of folks were walking past admiring them!

1936 Cadillac small

And here is something else that is very pretty. No, not Miss Terry, she is a beautiful. I’m talking about her latest creation, fresh off the loom. She made this beautiful shawl for our friend Gita Patel, owner of the campground. It was really a complicated pattern and it took her a while to get the hang of it, but once she did the result is amazing. These photos were taken before it was wet finished and steam-pressed, which is the final step in the process.

Gita Shawl 1 small

Gita Shawl 2 small

A lot of people have asked if Terry is going to be selling any of her creations, and I imagine eventually she will. Up until now she’s been making gifts for friends and loved ones. So much time and work goes into these things that she could probably never be compensated properly for them. But for her, it’s all about the creative process and the joy of doing it.

I talked to a couple yesterday who are not enjoying their summer. Their two granddaughters, ages 11 and 13, were supposed to spend this summer traveling with them in their motorhome. But they said that after three weeks they are ready to pull their hair out. Except for a trip to a theme park, where the kids had fun but got mad and pouted because grandma and grandpa wouldn’t buy them every T-shirt and stuffed toy they saw, the girls have been unhappy because they’re not home with their friends and don’t have internet access, and they’ve made that very plain.

I won’t go into all of the details, but it included the older one sneaking out in the middle of the night twice to smoke cigarettes she shoplifted, the younger one throwing tantrums, and a bunch of other drama. They said they feel guilty about the fact that they’re ready to take them back home and be done with it. I told them I don’t blame them a bit and that’s exactly what I would do. Life (and summer) are both too short for that kind of nonsense.

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Aloha Lugosi

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes I roll my eyes out loud.

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  14 Responses to “All Kinds Of Pretty”

  1. I wouldn’t keep those little snots for a second longer. They would be back home quicker than I could spit. Just when did children become so entitled? I know, it is up to their parents to teach them better, but they don’t. I so wish I could tell you what is going on with my grandchildren right now, but I can’t publicly, and it is tearing me up.

  2. Two years ago we took our twin 14 year old grandsons with us to Yellowstone. Never, ever again! They were rude to us and everyone else, one threw a rock and broke the window in a pickup in the next camping site and they ruined the trip for them and us. When they were younger they enjoyed camping with us for a week or two at a time in the summer but as they have grown up they have become people we don’t like very much.

  3. We have 9 and 11 your old grandsons who have traveled with us every summer for 2-3 weeks for the last 4 years. They enjoy the Jr. Ranger program at the National Parks and are interested in everything and love to learn and experience different things we see and do.

    2 times we took our granddaughter it has not worked out. She fought with the boys and spent most of the time texting her friends back home and ran up a huge phone bill on our cell phone. If we tried to get her to participate in things she would roll her eyes and make some smart remark. The first time we paid the expenses to have her mom come and pick her up in Tennessee from Iowa. The next time which was the last time she threw a fit that was so bad the campground owner came to our RV at midnight and said he was calling the police if she did not settle down. At daylight we were on the road taking her home. Now she and her mom complain that her cousins get all of the attention in those summer trips. Yes they do. We do not care to deal with her attitude and we won’t let her ruin it for the rest of us anymore.

  4. Miss Terry’s weaving is gorgeous. I can only imagine the hours and concentration that go into a piece like that shawl.

  5. How sad. We have never had an issue and they usually help plan our excursions.
    On one trip we took 2 of the 3 siblings because one didn’t want to go. Not forcing her. She wasn’t interested in our destination and at that particular age there would have been mild drama. We had fun and she doesn’t regret it. Last summer we took 2 teen girls on a rafting/ zipline. What a blast. Even when we had an issue with getting the rig level they not only helped but the oldest helped get supper started. Oh and they planned and helped me shop for all the meals. We will be taking their cousins on that same trip in August.
    Yes they spend time txt friends. But as teens we accept that’s part of their life. But not on our data only on their own phones. If they run out that’s their issue
    We discuss the trips ahead of time so that we are all going to enjoy it. There’s an agreement that they will be happy to join us on our stops and we’ll be happy on theirs. Even as teens they enjoy just having RV PJ parties with us when we are nearby.

    Yes, I’m blessed. We like to say our kids turned out to be great adults ” in spite of who their parents were” and we are proud of how they raise the kids.
    I feel sorry for everyone described here.

  6. Shoplifting cigarettes is a CRIME. This young lady is in for some real problems as she ages. My vote is to send or take them home. And inform their parents what happened and let them deal with it in the future. Life is to short to deal with unruly grandchildren.

  7. We have traveled with 2 different sets of grands since they were 8 & 10. Each set of brother and sister have decided where they would like to go ahead of time. We choose some Nat’l Parks that we have loved or an area of the US that we wish to show them, and fly them to the nearest airport. The first time as unaccompanied minors I was a tad nervous, but every trip has been fine. I plan the trip in a lot more detail and with many reservations … unlike when we travel on our own. We have done the Olympic Peninsula, Yellowstone & Grand Teton, Sequoia, San Francisco & Yosemite. They have ridden horses in Wyoming and Montana, gone fly fishing in Yellowstone, whale watching in the straits of San Juan de Fuca, and watched fireworks in San Francisco Bay on the 4th of July. We limit electronic devices, but the kids have always been wonderful and helpful and a joy to travel with. They remember every minute, too. I am so very sorry that your trip has gone down hill. I will say that an entire summer is not something I would EVER volunteer for! We limited out trips to 8 – 10 days and just made the most of it. But we kept them very busy, stayed within our budget (which was pretty generous, but we cut back a good bit at Christmas), and built in a day or an afternoon of “down time” when we let them just hang out and stare at their little screens and pixels. This year we are unable to repeat our summer tradition for health reasons. We AND they are disappointed. They are now 14 & 12, respectively, and I am forever glad that we had these experiences together. I look forward to more.

  8. We take our grandkids – females 12 and 10 camping three or fours times a year. They love it. Yes ‘issues’ come and go but they are respectful. In a 300 sq ft area all people must get along or its bad news for all. I fell bad for those that miss this opportunity to enjoy. The old learn from the young and the young learn from the old.

  9. Kids under 10 are great. Life is waaaaay too short to do extended time with teenagers a second time. Been there, done that once with our own. That’s what parents are for.

  10. Miss Terry’s shawl is beautiful & I see what you mean by a complicated pattern. Miss Terry is truly a talented woman.

    So many kids nowadays are just such brats. I’d take those two back home and let them be their parents’ problem for the rest of the summer. I feel bad for the grandparents who thought they would have a great summer spending time with their grandchildren and get nothing but drama.

  11. The shawl for Gita is by far her most gorgeous accomplishment. It will be beautiful on Gita.

  12. Gita’s shaw is just beautiful, with such a complex design. Love it. Mine is red with a gorgeous design on both sides. And the length and warmth of the fabric will be so nice in chilly places. Thanks again…

  13. I am honored to mentioned here in Nick’s blog. Thank you Sir! And thanks to everyone who downloaded Aloha, Lugosi!

  14. Gorgeous!!! Terry sure has talent! And patience & focus, to create something so intricate & beautiful. Kudos!

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