A New Record

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Jul 132016

It has been miserably hot here in Elkhart the last couple of days, with temperatures up in the 90s and high humidity, which upped the heat index to around 100°. Fortunately, the basement air conditioner on our Winnebago motorhome cranks out enough cold air that even with some of the ceiling air vents closed, it’s borderline chilly in here.

Fortunately, we both had plenty to keep us busy inside. Terry was still purging, and I think she pretty much has the front end of the motorhome whipped. She was amazed at how much room we now have in the cabinets. I’m really sure our fuel mileage is going to increase with so much stuff gone.

While she was busy with that, I was still writing, and late yesterday afternoon I finished my new book, Big Lake Abduction. This was a new record for me, I started the book on June 21, which means it took me 22 days. And there were several days in that time period that I didn’t do any writing at all because we had company or were running errands, or whatever.

The finished manuscript is just over 72,000 words, which is about average for my Big Lake mystery novels. I’m not sure why this one went so quickly, it just seemed to flow. I wish I could maintain that kind of production on a regular basis!

Once I finished the book I gave it a read through and made a few small changes, and then I printed it out. Today Terry will start the editing and proofing process, and when she’s done with that I’ll send it off to my second proofreader. Both of them are very fast and very good, and I think within the next week I’ll have the book out in e-book form on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and other online venues. The printed edition will follow in a few weeks.

This is the tenth book in my Big Lake series, my thirteenth novel, and my 23rd book total. It’s also my third book this year. I’d like to get two more out by the end of the year. We’ll see how that goes.

In other news, I got an interesting e-mail from an RV salesman in response to my blog titled Where Will It End from a few days ago. He strongly disagreed with the comments I made in that blog and said that my bashing was untrue and unfair, and that the quality of today’s RVs is just as good what they were putting out fifteen years ago. Well yeah, and that’s part of the problem right there. In fifteen years, the industry hasn’t learned a damn thing. Think about the advances that have been made in computers, or cell phones, or automobiles, or just about any other consumer product out there. And this clown is proud to say that they’re turning out the same quality they did fifteen years ago?

Thought For The Day – If you line up all of your ex-lovers in a row, you can see a flow chart of your mental illness.

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  6 Responses to “A New Record”

  1. I agree with your comment about RVs not keeping up with today’s technology.

    They need some of the smart engineering cars have.


  2. That salesman could be a poster child for this issue Nick. I’ll bet it would be pretty hard to find a car salesman out there who would want to brag that his pretty new 2017’s on the lot are “just as good” as they were in 2002! That goes for any mode of transportation for that matter, except for one apparently.

  3. I was just watching “Going RV” on the Great American Country on DirecTV last night which follows people buying RV at both Lazy Days locations in Florida and Arizona. It ALWAYS cracks me up when they refer to the RV Salesman as “RV EXPERTS” !!! Yeh right. I’ll wager 90% of them have never spent a night in the products they sell !!! Experts my A _ _ !!

  4. Hey Nick!

    I’m wondering if I’m the only one who’s noticed that the ad in the middle of today’s blog about your RV needing a new roof has a typo in it — it reads: Dose Your RV Need a New Roof? Made me smile, especially after I remembered I’m on vacation and don’t have to grade spelling for another 6 weeks. 😉

  5. I agree with Tom’s comments. Cars have improved tremendously in the last 15 years. RVs not so much. And they were terrible even 9 years ago when we bought our motor home.

  6. They need some Japanese competition! That’s what it took to improved the cars:)

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