Strange Sights

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Jun 082016

In our 17 years of fulltime RVing, we’ve seen some very strange sights on the highways and back roads of America. Not just oddball roadside attractions and signs for businesses that made us laugh or left us shaking our heads, but also things that just make you wonder why.

One example was a fellow we saw in rural Michigan who was dressed in biblical robes and pulling a huge cross down the shoulder of the highway. There was a set of bicycle wheels on one end of the cross and I couldn’t help asking my wife if he was a holy roller.

Sometimes the road signs we see leave me confused. What the hell am I supposed to do here?

20 35 sign

Or here?

Right Left

Three separate times in different parts of the country we have come upon a dozen or more loaves of bread tossed out onto the highway covering a distance of a mile or so. I have no idea why. Did somebody decide they don’t need that much French toast? Did they want to feed the birds but were too lazy to take the bread out of the wrappers? I don’t know.

Sometimes the local people make things for travelers to look at, like this “rest area” near Alliance, Nebraska that readers Jan Pyle and Don Neville sent us a picture of. And what’s with the easy chair next to the toilet? Am I supposed to chat with the next person in line? I don’t know about you, but I like my privacy when I’m doing my business.

Alliance Nebraska rest area Jan Pyle Don Neville

We were in the middle of a big traffic jam on Interstate 10 in Louisiana once, barely moving as police cleared an accident a mile or so ahead of us on the highway. We noticed a single tennis shoe and a pair of folded blue jeans lying on the shoulder of the road. How do they get there? Is that where a one legged hitchhiker decided to change clothes? Even if he only needed one shoe, why didn’t he take the jeans with him? If they were worn out and he didn’t want them anymore, why did he take the time to fold them before he left them there? Sometimes questions like this keep me awake at night.

Why would anybody choose to live on Boogertown Road? Why would anybody name it that in the first place?


We have seen things that I wish I had a picture of, because otherwise I’m sure nobody would believe it. Somewhere in the Midwest we once saw a mannequin dressed in a bikini standing out in the middle of the field. Why? Was it a sexy scarecrow? Some lonely farmer’s date for the evening? I still wonder about that one.

My son Travis is a vegan, which I think is kind like a born-again vegetarian. Maybe he can explain this one to me.

Eat veggies

We have seen a lot of eighteen wheelers in our travels, but nothing like this fourteen wheeled pedal powered contraption that our kite flying friend Colene “Jynx” Baker spotted a while back. What is in those plastic bags and under those tarps? Do we even want to know?

14 wheeler Colleen Baker

Thought For The Day – I think my problem is that I have really fantastic bad ideas.

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  1. I’ve seen those loaves of bread along roads too. Now you got me wondering again.

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