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A while back I posted a blog titled Strange Sights about some of the oddball things we have seen in our 17 years wandering America’s highways and back roads as fulltime RVers. But we’re not the only ones who see things that leave us scratching our heads and saying “huh?”

When our friends Tom and Barbara Westerfield left Elkhart Campground last week they were headed south and Barbara posted this picture on her Facebook page. I guess sometimes you just need to go paddling!

Kayak car

When I see things like this I’m really glad we have Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks. I could put half a dozen of them in the back end of our Ford Explorer, and still have room for a few passengers back there!

When we got up yesterday I had a message from Loretta Armstrong saying that she and her husband Rey were in the campground and they wanted to stop over and say hello and chat for a bit. They are longtime readers and fellow members of the Escapees RV Club. I stopped by their rig when I went up to the office to check our mail but they were gone. A little while later Terry and I made a quick trip to Martin’s grocery store, and not long after we returned they came by our motorhome and we had a nice visit.

Rey asked my advice on the best route for them to take east to Newburgh, New York, and that’s a trip I have taken many time over the years. Newburgh is only a few miles north of the US Military Academy at West Point, where I spent some of my Army time.

Rey also wanted to know about Strike Hold, one of the handiest products we’ve discovered in a long time. We first discovered this wonderful stuff at an Escapade RV rally a few years ago, and it is nothing short of amazing. Strike Hold prevents rust, works great for dry-lubing firearms and other mechanical things, and cleaning electrical contacts. I spray the prongs on our motorhome’s power cord a couple of times a year before I plug into a campground pedestal, we have used it on hydraulic jacks that did not want to retract, and my buddy Greg White has even used it to repair contacts in their Amazon Kindle and in computers.

While Rey and I were looking at the map, Terry showed Loretta her current weaving project, and I think she was really impressed with it. I know I am!

Speaking of things I’m impressed with, be sure to check out Kay Peterson’s new novel The Elephant Bond, which is a sequel to Kay’s 13 Days in Africa.

The Elephant Bond

If the author’s name sounds familiar, it is because Miss Kay and her late husband Joe founded the Escapes RV Club and helped generations of RVers enjoy this wonderful lifestyle. She’s an absolutely delightful lady; smart, charming, funny, and with a heart as big as Texas. Not to mention being a darned good writer, too!

Kay Peterson

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Big Lake Lyinching Audio cover

Thought For The Day – The biggest lie I tell myself is “I don’t need to write that down. I’ll remember it.”

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