Boy Scout Lessons

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Jun 242016

Like a lot of kids from my generation, I was a Boy Scout at one time. I enjoyed our weekly troop meetings and camping expeditions. Well, except for one scary incident when our leader took us on a hike across a frozen lake in Ohio.

We were halfway across when I fell through the ice. It was probably more of a pond than a lake, but whatever it was, it was ten or twelve feet deep. I went down to the bottom, and when I came back to the surface I was several feet from the hole I fell through. I couldn’t swim a lick back in those days, and I still can’t do much more than dog paddle across the width of the pool, but somehow I managed to scramble along the bottom of the ice to the hole, where a dozen hands were reaching down for me and pulled me to the surface. Back in those days you didn’t call an ambulance or a rescue squad for something like that. They got me to shore, built a big fire, I stripped off my wet clothes and warmed up while they dried.

The only effect I had from the experience was that since then, I’ve never been comfortable on ice. My first wife’s family lived on a lake in Minnesota and her father and brothers were ice fishermen. I tried it a couple of times, and even though the ice was thick enough that they drove a car out to their fishing shanty, I could never relax and was always glad to get back on solid ground.

It’s been a long time since I was a Boy Scout, but I’ve always remembered their motto, “Be Prepared.” It has served me well many times over the years, including in the fulltime RV lifestyle.

A good example was Wednesday evening and night. A pretty good storm walloped this area, which they refer to as Michiana because it straddles the Michigan/Indiana state line. Electrical power went out for a short time. It came back on, but then the water went out just as Terry started her shower. No problem, that’s why we keep our motorhome’s fresh water tank full. We turned on the water pump and she was good to go. That is also why when we are going to be parked someplace for a couple of weeks or more, I always fill the Winnebago’s diesel tank before we arrive. My generator can run for a long time if necessary. There’s a lot to be said for being self-contained!

We have had a lot of company the last few days, and while we always enjoy visiting with our friends and readers, we were both looking forward to getting back to our projects. I knocked out 5,000 words in my new book, while Miss Terry threaded over 520 individual threads of thin yarn onto her loom for her latest weaving project. We plan to be back at both today.

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  3 Responses to “Boy Scout Lessons”

  1. I sure am glad you were able to find that hole in the ice and get back on solid ground! The (RV) world would not be the same without Nick in it.

    That was a scary story.

  2. That’s still a relevant motto to live by, matter a fact, I spent this week with my grandson at a Texas scout camp. They still have much of what you recall but have started trying to adapt with the times and now have technology related merit badges.

  3. I too was involved in Boy Scouts. I. too fell thru some ice on a pond when I was young. Fortunately it was about 3′ deep and I scrambled right out. Ran a mile home as fast as I could.

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