A Short, Easy Move

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Jun 142016

When we arrived at Elkhart Campground on Saturday afternoon, owner Gita Patel had told us they had a big rally coming in so she was going to park us on one full hookup 50 amp site until Monday (yesterday), and then we would have to move to another site that was currently occupied, where we can stay put for the rest of our time here. So yesterday about noon we made a short, easy move to our new site.

Since it was only a couple of rows behind us and down a ways, we didn’t put everything away like we would for a road trip. But it still took a while to get ready to go, and then a while to get set back up at the new site. No problem, Easy peasy.

Winnie Elkhart 2016

We’re now parked next to the campground’s large new fenced in dog park, which means I should be able to get my puppy fix on a regular basis. In fact I met two or three pooches yesterday after we moved.

Dog Run

Before we moved, I was talking to Bob Patel and we were reminiscing about the old days when we were brand-new fulltime RVers and they were brand-new campground owners. The place was not nearly as nice back then as it is now. I reminded Bob that during our first visit, he asked me how he could grow his business and make the RVing public happy. I advised him back then to keep the place clean, keep expanding the number of sites and the amenities, and to keep being the same friendly couple that he and Gita are.

I told him yesterday that I’m very proud of how much they have accomplished and what a fantastic business they have built. Their success is obvious in the fact that they have more than doubled the size of the campground since our first visit, and every summer it’s full.

Elkhart Campground 2016

An hour or so after we moved, our friends Tom and Barbara Westerfield came by and visited for a few minutes, then they headed out to check out some of the RV surplus stores in the area. Elkhart is the RV capital of the world and there are several surplus stores in the area where you can buy just about anything you ever need for your home on wheels. When we were building our MCI bus conversion we got everything we needed here in Elkhart, from our water heater to our stove, holding tanks, furnace, you name it and we found it at some of the stores in this area.

Soon after Tom and Barbara left, Bonnie Kappler dropped in for a visit. We talked about everything from the fulltime RV lifestyle to writing, self-publishing, scuba diving (Bonnie and her husband are avid divers and it’s something Terry has always wanted to do), and I think we probably touched on at least a dozen other subjects during our visit.

I had hoped to get some more work done on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal yesterday, but between moving and visitors, I didn’t get a lot accomplished. Hopefully I can get back on track today.

Thought For The Day – Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work. ~ H.L. Hunt

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  1. No matter how far you still have to do everything the same or you may forget something, not saying that we did 🙁

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