May 212016

Yesterday was another rainy day but we didn’t mind because we didn’t have plans to do anything anyway. I was busy writing and got another 5,200 words done in my new book. I’m just a few words shy of 56,000 total and I’m hoping to wrap this one up and have it ready to go by the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Miss Terry was finishing up her latest weaving project, these beautiful dishtowels. The pattern is different from one side to the other and I think they look great. She still needs to hem them and she’s looking forward to getting that done because she’s got another project going through her mind already.

Towels small

We’re beginning to see a pattern here in the Daytona Beach area. Every day the weatherman predicts strong storms with lots of cloud to ground lightning, heavy rain, and winds up to 50 mph. And it seems like every day we get a fast-moving storm about midday that lasts for half an hour or so, and then another one in the evening that may come and go quickly, or may linger longer.

Several blog readers have warned us that summertime in Florida is tornado and hurricane season. I know they get stronger storms here than we’ve been experiencing, and as the summer wears on I know they will increase. But we plan to be gone by then, headed north toward New England for the Escapees Escapade rally in Essex Junction, Vermont the third week of July. After that we have reservations at a Thousand Trails affiliate campground near Cape Cod and we plan to spend some time exploring the Northeast.

It’s been a couple of years since we have been to Elkhart Campground in Indiana and when we leave New England we’re looking forward to going there and seeing Bob and Gita Patel, the owners, and visiting family in the Midwest.

Since we’ve been cooped up inside writing and weaving for a couple of days now, we may take a break and sneak out for a while today and do something. I’m not sure what that something will be yet, but I imagine we’ll figure it out.

Good news for fans of the Bill Travis mystery series by my pal George Wier. Yesterday George released Mexico Fever, the 12th book in the series, and it’s already climbing up the charts. Be sure to get yourself a copy.

Don’t forget to enter our latest Free Drawing. This week’s prize is an audiobook of Rabbits Never Die, the second book in my friend Steven Thomas’ Gretch Bayonne action adventure series. To enter, all you have to do is click on this Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.

Rabbits Never Die

Thought For The Day – Make a decision, right or wrong. The road of life is paved with flat squirrels who could not decide what to do.

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  3 Responses to “We’re Seeing A Pattern”

  1. Miss Terry those towels are just gorgeous!! It still amazes me how just doing what we do, these beautiful patterns appear. You’re definitely a PRO weaver now!!

    Nick, I LOVE LOVE your thought for the day!! I’ve come close to being squashed a couple of times. This will keep me on my toes!

  2. Having lived in Florida for so many years just need to tell you that afternoon showers are the normal pattern in Florida through the spring and summer months. It’s our rainy season. And yes, every afternoon we get a shower. But it’s short, clears the air and keeps us green. So nothing to worry about.
    Beautiful towels Terry.
    Lokking forward to seeing you both at Escapade !!!!!!!!

  3. Unless it is MY computer your post always came out at 12:02 am but now are not coming out until the afternoon like I say it could be my computer but you might Want to check your clock posting settings

    I don’t know what you’re complaining about as how little wind a little lightning an a good breeze still shouldn’t keep you from flying your kite ,, Benjamin Franklin did it he had no problem he went on to make more patterns and live to a ripe old age
    Se you were lacking in the your Idea department
    You had a great opportunity to go fishing on a pontoon boat and you muffed it
    If you had been fortunate enough to ride back-and-forth on that fancy pontoon boat you have got yourself a good supper but no you lucked out
    Or you could a got a volunteer job there to satisfy your urges for buying a pontoon boat
    And on the demise of doing a security check of the island so what if a fish falls in your boat
    See we’ve got a lot of plans for you from now on instead of writing a big lake novel you could start a big fort island crime mystery suspense novel Instead of driving a big fancy police cruise you could be a national park police Ranger driving a pontoon boat
    See so you really need to get that experience on that pontoon boat for future research

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