Were His Lips Moving?

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May 152016

I got an e-mail yesterday from a couple who are devastated because the used Class A motorhome they recently purchased is turning out to be a lemon. And while I feel sorry for them, their story is not unique.

They said they bought the rig, a 2012, from what they thought was a reputable dealer. According to them, when they went through it prior to purchase they pointed out several concerns, including that the previous owners apparently had a cat, because the sofa, recliner, and dashboard had all been clawed up. The toilet seat was broken, the carpet needed steam cleaned at the least, because of what they believed were spots from the cat or some other pet, and the electric patio awning did not work. In spite of all that, they really liked the coach and the price seemed right.

They said the salesman, son of the owner of the dealership, assured them that before they took delivery the sofa and recliner would be replaced, the dashboard professionally redone, and all of the other things they were concerned about would be made right. They put down a large deposit and waited three weeks for the work to be done, but when they went back to pick it up at the scheduled time, not one thing had been taken care of. The salesman’s excuse was that, given the low price he had agreed to sell the rig for, they would lose money if they made all of those changes.

They said they asked for their money back, but since they didn’t have anything in writing guaranteeing the problems would be fixed, the dealership refused. They agree that the contract does not call for the repairs, and not wanting to get involved in a long, drawn out legal battle, they negotiated a deal in which the owner of the dealership would buy the parts needed at cost and split that with them, and provide the labor for free. They said they knew they were getting shafted but did not feel they had a choice. On Friday they took the motorhome back to the dealership to get the work done, as well as to get several other problems that have come up fixed, and when the owner presented them with the bill for the sofa, recliner, new toilet, and other items, they were all at full retail. They asked me what I thought they should do.

Well, hindsight is always 20/20, and it’s too late to run away, since you’ve already gone forward with the deal and taken possession. And since the original contract does not specify the changes be made, I’m afraid you’re stuck. None of us wants to get in a lawsuit, but sometimes you have to dig your heels in and fight.

Always remember, no matter how charming he is, if an RV salesman’s lips are moving, you can bet your butt he’s lying!

Yesterday was another writing and weaving day for us. I got a little over 3,400 words done on my new book, and Terry made good headway with her weaving project once she got the hang of the more complicated pattern involved. We’re both moving right along.

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Thought For The Day – I find it ironic that the colors red, white, and blue represent freedom until they are flashing behind you.

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  6 Responses to “Were His Lips Moving?”

  1. Nick once again you insult me and all of the honest vehicle salespeople by generalizing a few examples of bad apples. You bought your Winnebago with the help of a sales person and I do not remember any rant about how you were pushed kicking and screaming into that piece of junk. Sure there are unworthy sales people and unworthy news writers and RVers but the generalization that all are bad is insulting

  2. I just love the USA. Nick said what he did. He published on HIS blog Al’s response. Total freedom of speech. No political correctness considered. Freedom exercised. Points of view to ponder. Thanks for sharing your opinions.

  3. What Al says is correct, but how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? It’s too late for this couple, but they can leave reviews on any site that will take them, as well as the BBB and any social media. They may help someone they will never meet.

  4. If all else fails legally for whatever reason (it’s too expensive or takes too much time or is something they are loath to do), can they file a small claims for up the legally allowed limit for small claims? In California, the legal limit for small claims for filers who aren’t business-based, they can file a claim for $,7,500 (I think). Since no lawyers are involved, it would be just their word against the dealership BUT judges have no love of businesses that shaft their buyers. Alternately, if the buyers are reluctant to do that, what about taking their complaints to social media? If the buyers have some supporting materials to back up their claims, can they describe their treatment on this deal? Another thought: What about television/news media folks who have program they show on how to deal with recalcitrant businesses who are not treating their customers right? Seems to me a dealership would be all over themselves to avoid negative publicity of any kind. Just my opinions.

  5. Good idea to maybe present their case online…too bad, some of us were raised with “your word is your bond”…but our nearly godless society think they are the kings of the earth so is perfectly fine with cheating others. Thanks for the reminder, Nick, to be careful!! Well, you can be burnt once…but who says you must be burnt twice??? I dread the process of figuring out what to buy if we actually get into full time rving…which is still one plan we have in our heads as a maybe…but thanks to you and other bloggers, at least we can get good advice…and hopefully warnings about whom to deal with and whom to leave alone!! My dad was in the car business his whole life…my brother still is…for the last almost 40 years they have not advertised in any way…in fact, being they work on their home places even…you have to have someone help you find them…and they have always had more work than they could possibly do…so, does honesty and hard work pay in the end?? Yep, still does…

  6. Dagger to my heart, Nick, with the comment “if an RV salesman’s lips are moving, he’s lying.” I and most (admittedly not all) of my colleagues, are honest and want to use our professional experience to help buyers find the RV that will best meet their needs. And of all the dealers that I have ever worked for, my current dealership (Camping World) does not sell junk without marking a unit “as is” but most of it we sell wholesale. Please avoid these generalizations, I would personally appreciate it.

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