May 222016

We needed to get out and have some fun yesterday, and boy did we get that accomplished, times two!

We started the day with our usual routine of answering emails and checking a couple of our favorite blogs. Then we drove over to the Canaveral National Seashore in New Smyrna Beach. The place is a natural wonderland that is simply amazing, with miles of beautiful beaches, hiking trails, the ruins of a pioneer town, and the magnificent Mosquito Lagoon. You’d have to work really hard to be bored there!

If you’re photographer, you would love it because there seems to be a photo op everywhere you look.

Boathouse small

After touring the old Eldora town site, we walked out on this fishing pier on Mosquito Lagoon, passing a couple of anglers on their way in. They said they had a little bit of success until a pair of dolphins showed up and ruined the fishing for them.

Fishing pier small

We hung out on the pier for an hour or two, catching occasional glimpses of the dolphins’ fins. If you’ve never tried to take photos of dolphins in the wild, believe me when I say it can be a challenge.

There were a pair of them hanging around, and I probably took over 100 photos. Most ended up with nothing more than empty water, but I got lucky a couple of times.

Dorsal fin

Dolphin small

This was probably the best one I took, catching the back of one as it surfaced about 30 yards away.

Dolphin 3 small

We’ll call this one “close, but no cigar.” All I got was the splash of water after a dolphin leapt into the air chasing a fish and went back under the surface again.

Splash small

A nice couple came up and were talking to us and Terry was telling them about the times we’ve seen manatee at Crystal River and down in the southern section of the Canaveral National Seashore toward Titusville. Though they are from Orlando, they had never seen any before. Just about then Terry spotted the telltale flattened round ripple on the water’s surface right next to the dock that signified a manatee. And sure enough, two of them swam under the dock and up to the surface a couple of times. How cool is that?

Manatee small

Eventually we wandered over to the other side of the slim peninsula between the Mosquito Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean to check out the beach.

Along the way we saw this gopher tortoise, who was kind enough to pose for a photo.

Tortise small

A lady saw me taking pictures and offered to take one of Terry and I together. She’s the pretty one.

Nick Terry Canaveral Seashore small

It did not look like this surf fisherman was having any luck, but as they say, the worst day fishing is still better than the best day working.

Surf fisherman small

There were a couple of sailboats out on the water having a good time.

Sailboat 2 small

Sailboat 2

Even on a beautiful Saturday like yesterday, there were very few people on the beaches at the Seashore. Meanwhile, in town, the beaches were full. I guess nobody wants to pay the five dollar admission fee to the Seashore. Fortunately, with our National Parks Senior Pass we can get in any time for free. It’s the best $10 investment we’ve ever made.

Beach view Saturday small

We had a great time, just sightseeing and hanging out together, me and my pretty lady. Yes indeed, life is good!

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Thought For The Day – The concept of boredom entails an inability to use up present moments in a personally fulfilling way. – Wayne Dyer

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