Mother’s Day

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May 082016

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there in RV blog land! What would we be without our mothers? Well, motherless, I guess. This year marks 25 years since my own dear mother passed away and I miss her every day. Do your mom and yourself both a favor and be sure to spend some time with her today, or if you are too far away physically, give her a call and tell her how much you love her. Trust me, when the time comes that she’s no longer with you, you will wish you had the opportunity once more.

Yesterday was a stay-at-home day for us. We enjoy spending a couple of days playing tourist and running around, and then spending a couple more at home just relaxing, writing, weaving, or being lazy (in my case at least, Terry is never lazy) before we go out exploring again. Actually, I didn’t get any writing done. I was researching some things on the Internet for much of the day, as well as answering some e-mail from our readers.

One person who wrote wanted to know if it’s really all that important to worry about your RV being overweight. He said they just weighed his rig at a truck stop, first the front axle and then the rear axle, and the combined weight was about 350 pounds over the vehicle’s weight limit. I wrote back and told him that being overweight shortens your tire life, is hard on your RV’s suspension system, and reduces your braking ability. So yes, it is important not to exceed your RV’s weight rating.

I told him he really needs to get it weighed by the Escapees or somebody who is familiar with RV weighing and knows how to weigh it at all four corners. But, while 350 pounds is 350 pounds too much, I’m sure there are a lot of RVs running around that are much more overloaded. If your rig looks like this, don’t bother going to a scale, you’re overloaded!

Overloaded Class C

After reading yesterday’s blog about how much we like Saint Augustine, a friend asked me if we are ready to buy a place and hang up the keys. No, we’ve talked about what we will do when that day comes, but we both agree we’re not there yet. While we would like to have a place to hang out and relax for a couple of months at a time and then go on down the road again, we still love the RV lifestyle and have no plans to quit.

The other thing we have to consider is that the two places we love the most are Saint Augustine, here in Florida, and Long Beach, Washington. It would be great to have an RV lot or something in each place, but they’re on opposite ends of the continent and the commute is a killer!

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Thought For The Day – Fall in love with someone who embraces your madness, not somebody who tries to force you to be normal.

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  1. Agree about Long Beach, we go there every chance we get!!!!!

  2. There are times I wish for my Ruby Slippers.

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