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Apr 012016

One of the nice perks of publishing the Gypsy Journal RV newspaper and this RV blog is that we get to test a lot of neat RV accessories and gadgets when something new or updated hits the market. Over the years we’ve been able to evaluate everything from cordless vacuum cleaners to inverters, GPS units, waterless cleaning products, and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

When a company approaches us wanting us to review a product, the first thing I tell them is that if I like it, I will tell the world how good it is. But the flipside of that coin is that if I think it’s a piece of crap and doesn’t measure up in some way, I’ll say that, too. It’s surprising how many of them suddenly decide that they don’t really need a review from me after all. No problem, they know how good (or bad) their product is. We also will not accept advertising from a product that we would not use ourselves.

Over the years I think we’ve tested just about every tire pressure monitoring system out there, and the one that has most impressed us, and that we continue to use on our motorhome and SUV, is the TireTracker. So I was very interested when Daryl Lawrence told me that they have come out with a new upgraded monitor, the TT-500.

Yesterday Daryl and his wife Cheri came by to walk me through the installation of the new monitor, and I have to say that I’m very impressed. It features a larger, easier to read display than the previous model, continuously monitors tire pressure and temperature, and can monitor any tire from 0-232 psi. And, it comes with a lifetime warranty!

Tire Traker

I found it easier to program than the previous model, even for a non-techie person like myself. And the new monitor can be charged either by a 12 volt cigarette lighter plug, a USB cord plugged into your computer, or any standard telephone charger. The new monitor uses the same sensors as the older version, so you don’t have to buy a complete new system if you want to upgrade.

And unlike some of the TPMS systems on the market, which require you to purchase a new sensor when their batteries wear out (sometimes for as much as $50 each), the TireTraker sensors use a common CR1632 lithium battery and you can replace them quickly and easily yourself. The expected sensor battery life is 1-2 years, and when a battery is low, an icon will display on the monitor to warn you.

I’m impressed. TireTracker has taken something that was already very good and made it even better!

We have enjoyed our two week stay here at the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve but the time has gone by way too fast. Today we are moving to Bradenton for a month. It should be an easy trip, only 99 miles. Who knows? While we’re over there we may find ourselves a beach to fly our kites on!

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  6 Responses to “TireTraker Upgrade”

  1. That TireTraker display sure looks easier to read. I wonder what the upgrade will cost? I’m putting that on my Christmas list!!

  2. Thanks for the review. I think it’s time we replace ours. Do you think Daryl will be offering a rally special at Escapade?

  3. R OK let me ask you a question
    It,s a Larger monitor however same components inside.
    If tire minder / tire tracker / TST and hawkshead are all made by the same company out of China where monitors and sensors are interchangeable
    Does it not boil down to the price $$ and the most important thing customer service

    I have a tire minder other then a couple of glitches however which I still have were taken care of promptly but not corrected
    I can find the same scenario with all the other tire pressure monitor systems
    So what really takes tire tracker to the better level ??is it customer service or price
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  4. When we were at the Rv show in Quartsite this winter the tire tracker booth was there and had the new monitor, I believe they said it was around $150.00 ,we opted against it though as our original monitor was still under its 2 year warranty , so maybe next year we will purchase it!

  5. I had the TireTraker for a couple of years until I finally got fed up with the problems I ecountered using it. I had the monitor replaced once, several sensors replaced, and still problems. This is NOT a reflection on Daryl as he is a very good dealer and attempted to assist me with my problems. One of the things I really didn’t like about TT was that the tires had to be in motion before you could obtain initial readings for that day. I wonder if the new monitor has this capability?
    I’m not going to plug my current TPMS, but if anyone is interested, just drop me a note at gonebyrv@gmail.com
    BTW, the new system I have has worked without a glitch for a year now.

  6. I would like to buy a period…

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