Last Day In Bradenton

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Apr 302016

Today is our last day at Horseshoe Cove RV Resort in Bradenton. We have enjoyed our month here, but it went way too fast. There were several places we wanted to visit, but as always seems to happen, time got away from us.

But the one thing we did accomplish is to decide that while Florida’s Gulf coast has its benefits, we prefer the Atlantic Coast more and that’s where we will be concentrating our search for a place to buy as our winter hideaway and future home, if we ever hang up the keys.

One nice thing has been being able to hang out with our pals John and Kathy Huggins from Living the RV Dream and Charles and Chris Yust from C&C Insurance. They have been here for the month, too, and we’ve enjoyed visiting, having dinner together, sightseeing, and we even got some target shooting in!

Yesterday I sent out the link to the new edition of the Gypsy Journal to our digital subscribers. For some reason I had about a dozen of them bounce back, and when I sent them out a second time they came back again. And most of them are subscribers who have been getting the paper at the same email address all along. If you have a digital subscription and did not get the link, please send me an email at

During the afternoon John came by to look at where our inverter is mounted, and after checking it out he agreed with me that getting it out to disconnect the wires to bypass it, as the tech at Winnebago suggested, is going to be a real bear. But at least the gremlins decided to take yesterday off, and the power didn’t blip off on us one time, even though it’s been doing it over and over again the last few days.

When I was writing about working on the inverter, and tightening wires in the breaker box and things like that, two or three readers warned me to be sure that power was off at the pedestal outside, that the inverter is turned off, and that the batteries are disconnected. Don’t worry, I’ve worked around electricity long enough to know the steps to take to make sure there is no incoming power waiting to zap me. I’ll never be a handyman, but electricity and wiring are two few things I do know something about.

About 4:30 we went to dinner with John and Kathy at Cedar Reef Fish Camp. This was our second time eating there and it was just as delicious as the first time around. We’ve had a lot of seafood while we were in this area, and as far as I’m concerned it’s as good as anyplace we’ve been.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda for today. We may go for a little ride and do some more exploring before we come home and start getting backed up for the move. Tomorrow we will be heading over to another Carefree Resort in Port Orange, just south of Daytona Beach, where we’ll spend the month of May. That puts us close to New Smyrna Beach, and only an hour from Saint Augustine, both communities that we want to get to know better.

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Thought For The Day – A marriage is always made up of two people who are prepared to swear that only the other one snores. – Terry Pratchett

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  1. Nick, I always get Inverter/Converter confused but I saw this and wondered if it would benefit you:

    Cat Lady

  2. We had a similar problem with our power and the problem turned out to be the power cord take-up real. There are copper contact points that transfer the power from the rotating part of the real to the stationary part attached to the bulkhead. These contact points had become corroded. We took apart the real and filed the contacts a couple of times over the years and each time it solved the problem, but after the last time we decided to replace the real and have had no problems with intermittent power since. A symptom to watch for is, with power applied from shore, rotate the take-up real by hand and see if the power glitches.

    — jcw3rd

  3. Years ago friends of ours lived in St. Augustine…for a long number of years, then moved to a retirement place in Bradenton…I think they liked Bradenton well enough, but they loved St. Augustine…he caught so many fish there, he was always giving some away!! He just fished from piers etc. Hope you figure out where you want to be eventually…we are a bit older than you guys and are struggling with that decision as well. Tis so hard to know what to do…

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