Alone But Never Lonely

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Apr 142016

I hear from a lot of new and wannabe RVers who are single and wondering how well they will fit into the RV lifestyle. Some are worried that they will be a third wheel alone among a community of traveling couples. Not at all!

I don’t think you could find any more accepting and welcoming people than fulltime RVers, snowbirds, and even weekend warriors. We have met many, many solo RVers in our time on the road and they have always been welcomed with open arms in any gathering or campground we’ve been to. You may be traveling alone, but I guarantee you will never be lonely. There are a whole bunch of new friends waiting for you just outside your RV’s door. Go out and get acquainted.

All of the major RV clubs, such as the Escapees and Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) have subgroups with all kinds of interests, from genealogy, to photography, to motorcycle riding, and yes, single RVers. There is usually a get together of them at club rallies, and many times the subgroups hold rallies and gatherings of their own.

There are also some very good groups organized just for solos. One of them is Loners on Wheels (LOW), founded in 1969. They hold rallies throughout the year all over the country and have their own campground, Low-Hi Ranch, in Deming, New Mexico.

Wandering Individuals Network (WIN), open to single travelers of all ages, is an active club with an average of 80 caravans, circuits, and gatherings each year, and all kinds of fun activities like hiking, biking, sightseeing, kayaking, zip-lining, boat tours, museums, plays, factory tours, and more.

RVing Women is a nationwide group for women who are interested in RV travel, offering camping, educational, and social events. Membership is made up of a diverse group of women who enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities and hobbies.

There are other organizations as well, but these are the big three that I know of. And while the emphasis is on enjoying and enhancing the RV lifestyle for singles, we have known several couples who met at solo activities and found themselves walking down the aisle and sharing their lives together.

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Thought For The Day – The goal is to die with memories, not dreams.

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  4 Responses to “Alone But Never Lonely”

  1. You miss one thing. As a single full time RVer I can say that you must be willing to introduce yourself. In most cases you will not be recruited into a mixed group but you will often be welcomed if you make the first move. A wall flower will stay a wallflower. Couples do not usually approach singles but often will welcome them if an introduction is offered.

  2. A great blog and information. If I move back to the States I believe I would be much happier roaming than in one place. I often wonder about the safety and feasibility of doing it alone.

  3. I had to jump in on this subject of single Rvers. My husband and I haqd only a short time to enjoy Rving together before he passed away 12 years ago ( I can’t believe it has been so long). Two months after he was gone I grabbed my fear by the steering wheel and took off across country from California to Florida and I haven’t stopped since.

    I am closer to my Rv friends that I have made along my route than my own next door neighbors.

    I do travel with my cat Sportster, who is a huge comfort, but it is the amazing people along the road and in the campgrounds, and small family diners who have enriched my life and made it worthwhile. My advice to singles is simply, ” Don’t let fear get in the way of living.”

  4. As a woman who is rarin’ to go I only find myself sitting here wishing and dreaming. The big “L” word (lonely) and the big “F” word (fear) are such bugaboos tainting the desire to hit the road. I appreciate the resources from your post and the encouraging words from the above poster. I’ve picked up my cool little ’69 Shasta Compact and prettied her up inside. Now…if I can only get the courage to hitch her up and head out down the driveway….

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