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Mar 262016

Today’s blog is going to start with a bit of a rant and it’s not about a pleasant subject, so you may want to scroll down or skip today’s post.

I got an e-mail from some folks who were upset about an incident that did not have to happen and just pisses me off. They wrote that they spent the winter in Yuma, Arizona and were getting ready to head home, wherever home is.

About a month ago they acquired a cat. A cat that had never been in a motorhome and still had not settled in very well. When they started the diesel engine the noise freaked the cat out and it crawled on top of the living room slide and would not come out. When they tried to pull it out, it scratched them. So what did they do?

Instead of turning off the engine and waiting for the poor animal to calm down and come out on its own, and then secure it in a cage of some kind, they ran the slide in. Their thought was that the noise would scare the cat and it would jump out. Instead, it was crushed.

As terrible as this sounds, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. This is the third or fourth time that we’ve heard of a cat being killed when someone brought a slide room in. There is absolutely no excuse for this. None. This is just as obscene as the people who go to Quartzsite and dry camp in the desert and let their dog or cat outside and it gets snatched by a coyote or some other predator. Again, it happens all the time.

What the hell is wrong with people? If you’re going to have an animal, being a responsible pet owner means more than picking up after it when it goes to the bathroom, keeping it on leash, and not allowing it to bark so that it disturbs the neighbors. That animal’s very life is in your hands. If you’re too lazy, or too stupid to take the time to make sure your pet is safe at all times, do the world a favor and just don’t have one!

Okay, end of rant. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

A storm system came through central Florida beginning on Thursday night, with lots of rain, thunder and lightning, and some very strong wind gusts. Throughout the day yesterday we had rain, sometimes hard and other times no more than showers, and more thunder and lightning.

During the afternoon Scott and Nancy Hubbell stopped by our motorhome for a visit and we enjoyed chatting with them for an hour or so. Then, about 5:30 we drove up to Bee’s RV Resort in Clermont, where our friends Charles and Chris Yust are staying. The resort was serving all you can eat fish dinners for $10 a person and it was very good. After dinner we went back to their motorhome to visit for a while and got back home about 9:30.

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda today, as it depends on the weather. We may take a road trip, or we may hunker down at home and write and weave. And if we do that, there is a good chance that a nap will take place, too.

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Thought For the Day – When you learn how to die, you learn how to live.

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  20 Responses to “Just Don’t Have One!”

  1. I had to reply to your post .After over 55 years of working with pet owners in my grooming salon. I am no longer amazed at pet owners behavior
    I’ve groomed cats and dogs that have not been brushed or bathed for 6 months or a year. Their hair was like a body cast . Dogs without a leash and running out into the parking lot
    I’ve had one dog with so many fleas it collapsed from being anemic. I asked the owner to take it to the vet but she said she was too busy. I took it but the dog died the next day.
    I also HATE irresponsible dog owners who let their dogs bark and bark AND BARK.
    Okay I’m done.

  2. I too, just had to add a comment. What has happened to people today? Not only their pets, but look what they are doing to their children!

    Just the other day, I was watching the news and a reporter was talking about a woman who put her child in the oven!!! My heart just aches. There are times when I hate this world and what it has become.

    The heart of mankind has grown cold. Lord come quickly!

  3. Sounds like an “urban tale” to me. Did that cat have suction cups for claws?

    Rich O.

  4. Unfortunately Richard, it has happened more than once.

  5. Welcome back Bad Nick, we missed you. You just needed the right material. Said it before and it still applies. “You just can’t fix stupid.”

  6. We wrecked our first motorhome because our cat was not secured. Husband was driving and it crawled down where the brake and gas pedal was and he was trying to shoo it out and could not step on the brake and ended up hitting the guardrail.

  7. I don’t have a cat, never had but I do have dogs. Knowing what little I know about cats, I just shake my head at what happened to that poor terrified cat. I feel sorry for that poor animal but also for the people who just handled the issue wrong. It’s a cautionary tale and one that I hope others could learn from.

  8. On a so-so weather day and not a lot to do go to Haines City to “The Port” for dinner. Some day anyway.

  9. I AGREE!!! Yay for Bad Nick!!!! Some people can be downright idiots!!!

  10. My idiot brother in law killed their cat exactly the same way. I was trying to get it out and he hit the slide button. When it went up it caught the cat between the top of the slide and the ceiling. I wanted to stick him up there and do the same thing!

  11. I enjoy and think you might also….maybe you already do but google and listen to Earl Pitts, Wake Up America. He says what we’re all thinking with a great red neck twist. Thank you for your post. I enjoyed it.

  12. Isn’t that a case of cruelty to animals? Punishment?

  13. Having worked as a mental health counselor before I retired, there is very little I see or herar in the news that I don’t believe humans capable of. Evil exists. But one must be vigilant. It sneaks up on us in trivial ways like impatience, ignorance, or inconsiderateness of others. From small sins, bad things can result.

  14. We are cat people. And yes, how absolutely dreadful.
    I just don’t know how some people can be so awful.

  15. In my previous life I was the Humane Education Director for an SPCA. People used to ask how I could work around such sadness. There was always the joyful pet reunions and adoptions and the eagerness of the children to learn how to be kind; but it was dealing with the stupid, cruel, or just apathetic people that was the difficult part of my job. If I wasn’t a humane person, I would have gladly strangled them all.

  16. That was a very sad incident. We are traveling with a 16 yr old cat and we never run the slides unless one of us is holding or containing he. Her traveling space is under the bed when the slide is in, so when we stop we just have to wait till she’s ready to come out. A regular treat helps. Here’s a hint for cat people. This cat was an outside cat, and I was very sceptical that she would adjust. After the first LONG night on the road with yowling all night, I found a product in Target that worked wonders. It was a diffuser with pheromones and lavender in it. After plugging it in for a week or so, she has calmed down and is happy to be with us. I’m so grateful we found a solution as there was no alternative but to take her with us on our full time adventures.

  17. You ask what the hell is wrong with people who don’t take proper care of their pets.
    Well, they are a$$holes is what’s wrong with them, and stupid ones at that. Sorry for the language, but we might as well call a spade a spade.

  18. That is just too sad and I can’t stand people like that!

  19. I know what you mean Nick, we travel full time with 2 cats. The slides don’t move till we actually see both cats, they like to get under our bed & can only do that when the slide is In. And to think that many these heartless people have kids. What a scary world we live in. Thanks for the rant. Becki

  20. OMG. We have to have a license to drive a car, and renew it every 4-6 yrs. But no license is needed to be a pet owner or parent. Until our society can treat animals with dignity and care our society will continue it’s spiral downturn. Someone said you can tell everything you need to know about a society on how they treat their animals and that is not just related to pets. My rant would have been longer! How horrible. Thank you for speaking out.

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