It Got Here Eventually

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Mar 272016

When we had dinner with Charles and Chris Yust Friday evening we had discussed going to New Smyrna Beach yesterday. They have not been there, and there were three or four properties that we wanted to look at.

So we were up early yesterday morning but the weather didn’t look too good. I messaged a friend of mine who lives up there and she said it was storming quite a bit. About then the weatherman on television said that our area was going to get hit sometime in the early afternoon. We decided to postpone the trip until another time. One thing that fulltime RVers learn is patience. We’re used to sitting out bad weather rather than getting out on the highway and putting our rigs and our lives in danger.

No problem, I had plenty to do to keep me busy. I printed out the first three chapters of my current work in progress, Return to Dog’s Run, and gave them to miss Terry to read to see if I’m on the right track with it. I guess I am, because when she finished it she said she’s hooked. When I originally wrote Dog’s Run, which many say is my best work to date, I did not plan to do a sequel so I’ve been anxious about whether or not I can duplicate the feeling of the original book.

I made some corrections and changes that Terry suggested, then while she made a quick run to Publix to pick up some things, I cranked out another thousand words in the book.

And then I started on a new project, getting the first issue of my author’s newsletter formatted and ready to go. I’ll be sending it out soon, and if you want to be on the mailing list please send your email address to me at

A couple of updates on the book front; Big Lake Brewpub is now available on Barnes & Noble for Nook e-book readers. You can order it at this link. And for those of you who prefer a printed book, the paperback editions of the first eight books in the Big Lake series are now available on Amazon.

Except for a quick shower, our predicted afternoon storm did not develop. But then a little before 6 PM it finally got here and hit with intensity. It absolutely poured for a half hour or so, and then continued to rain hard for another 15 minutes. Then the bulk of the storm moved out of the area but we had showers off and on for the rest of the evening. I told Terry I was sure glad we were sitting in a comfortable RV site here at the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve instead of being out on the highway somewhere.

This campground has been busy all winter long, and if you didn’t have reservations it would have been hard to get into. But starting about the middle of this week it’s beginning to thin out as the snowbirds start planning their trips back home. We did have quite a few rigs come in today, possibly folks heading north from campgrounds further south in Florida, or maybe locals coming in for the holiday weekend, I’m not sure.

Today we’re going to go back up to Bee’s RV Resort in Clermont to have Easter dinner with Charles and Chris and our friends Stu and Donna McNicol, who are also staying there. We’re really looking forward to that.

Today is your last chance to enter our Free Drawing for an audiobook of Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants: Through the Wormhole by Sharon Delarose. To enter, all you have to do is click on this Free Drawing link or the tab at the top of this page and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn this evening.

Ancient Aliens

Thought For the Day – You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky

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  1. The newsletter was really cool. Very impressive.

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