Goodbye Coach-Net

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Mar 042016

For fourteen years we have used Coach-Net for our roadside service and we’ve been very happy with them. They have always responded when we needed them and we’ve never had a complaint. But when our renewal comes due in mid-April we will be switching to Good Sam’s roadside service. I got an e-mail with my renewal notice yesterday and called their toll-free number to give them my credit card. That’s when I discovered they have had a dramatic price increase.

We were paying $99 a year, which covered unlimited towing on both our motorhome and Ford Explorer, along with road service and coverage for both drivers and any vehicle we drive, anytime we needed it.

Now they have three different pricing structures. For $59 a year their Limited plan will tow our motorhome no more than twice in a twelve month period, with a mileage imitation, but the Explorer will not be covered. The next step up is to the $79 a year Basic plan, which covers the RV only, with unlimited towing. Or, for $149 a year, they will cover both the motorhome and the Explorer. A full $50 a year price increase over what we had been paying for the same coverage. Whoa!

I asked why they had such a huge price increase and all the young lady could tell me was that it was their new pricing structure. Yeah, I know that. But what justifies a 50% price increase in one year? She couldn’t answer that.

Being a cheap SOB, I called Chris Yust at C&C Insurance, and she told me she could set us up with Good Sam’s roadside service plan that will cover both the motorhome and Explorer for $79.95, and as a new customer that will be for fifteen months. That’s a heck of a difference!

When I called Coach-Net back to tell them that we would not be renewing after all, the young lady on the telephone just said okay. No question about why a long term customer was leaving them, and no attempt to keep our business. I’m not a betting man, but with that big of a price increase and/or reduction of service, I would lay down money that they won’t be around much longer if they don’t make some changes real soon.

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  13 Responses to “Goodbye Coach-Net”

  1. Thanks for the heads up. We too have been with Coach-net for years. We will definitely be be looking at Good Sam when we come up for renewal.

  2. Nick correct me if I’m wrong but you’re paying $20 a year for good Sam membership then your paying $79 for good Sam insurance comes out to $99 a year and if by some miracle your $79 a year insurance also covers the membership which would make it $59 a year then you definitely scored a good deal
    Or You could have picked up coach net at $159 and forgo one fancy meal at Dixie crossroads in Titusville
    Or reduce your fuel consumption by $4.10 per month over the next 12 months
    Or you could turn your house thermostat down to 72and save money,,,,correction void that out I made a mistake you’re a Sun worshiper living in a motorhome
    Or you could put your $300,000 in the bank and collect 2% interest over the course of the year
    Or seeing as how you already have endorsed Coach net charge them $159 A year for ad space. You can put dad on the top right-hand side we don’t really care about a Nissan Rogue So that would be a good spot
    Or you could hire 25 people and have them pay you five dollars to write one chapter in your next new book
    Or charge five dollars for your newest signed addition for your newest Biglake selection series
    We all know you are a very generous man and we’re just offering you a new ways to enlighten your pocketbook
    PS don’t listen to Bad Nick on the left side,,, Pay the piper be your own man on the right
    Enjoy your day
    RATS now I’m telling him what kind of a day to have
    And darn I can’t send him home he already lives here

  3. Sadly, that seems to be the normal customer service for businesses. They just don’t care.

  4. Good Sam raised my road service price so I just switched to Coach-Net. What gives! Wait until the 15 months are up and Good Sam doubles the renewal price!

  5. Nick, I spoke with the owner of Coach-Net at the Winnebago Rally last year were he was a sponsor and exhibitor. I asked him what was going on and why he had split with FMCA after so many years of relationship. I have had them since 2001. Used them many times for tire blow outs (5 or 6), battery problems and one tow because of a starter problem. Their analysis was that some people were just using the service too much and they could raise everyones’ rate or come up with the tiered pricing. His comments came across as very genuine and thourghlly thought out. He explained that he just wasn’t going to be able to make money at the price that FMCA was looking for. I asked him what he knew about the firm that replaced him with FMCA and he said that guy farms out the call center part of the business and he feels it is critical to have that in house. I agree that $50 a year is a lot but do you really need the expensive service? How many times have you had your motorhome towed more than twice a year? I have to decide shortly and I am not certain which way I’m going but I am glad that I got to meet the guy that had taken care of us all these years and get his side of the story. I was also interested to learn that some time back he moved the company from Lake Havasu to TX. Can’t remember if it was Dallas or Houston. Sorry you got the answer you did from his call center. If you have time you might want to connect with the president of Coach-Net via email and further explore the situation. I’m sure he would be interested in hearing your story and he just might help you make the right decision. Good Luck. Plan to see you and Terry at Escapades.

  6. My guess is that gal at the call centre has had that conversation at least 4 times that very day, and she is still getting paid, so why bother trying to salvage the relationship.

  7. Nick,

    Go figure. Good Sam just raised my renewal rate so I am going to Coach Net.


  8. Nick
    I have had pretty poor luck with Good Sam over the years..

    Another item is lately about half the time your blog shows up a day late. Refreshing the page doesn’t solve the problem as I just have to wait.. Not sure if the problem is my ISP Verizon or somewhere else in the circuits..

    Enjoy Florida..

  9. Just to let you know, we’ve had Good Sam Roadside since 2010 and we’ve been very happy. It even paid for a wrecker to get our rig out when we got stuck behind my mom’s house- which was our regular storage area at the time. Hope you’ll be as happy with it as we’ve been!

  10. I, too, have been a member of Coach Net for 16 and 1/2 years and in January I opted for the $99 plan and put my vehicles towing service on my auto parts insurance policy. That saved me a few dollars and I have had to use the insurance road service for a locked out situation. They responded very quickly so happy so far. Coach Net is not the coach net of old. Considering going with Good Sam when my current Coach Net plan is up for renewal.

  11. Thanks Nick. Just getting ready to sign up. Not now. Appreciate article..

  12. We have purchased out first RV a 2019 Solitude in December of 2018. Not until the last month have I even considered buying a roadside assistance plan. Having checked most, not all, of the major providers, Good Sam, Escapees, Coach Net, AAA, etc., and we have decided on Coach Net. Reviewing all of the post on this Blog I find most responses are making their decision only on money. I agree money has to be a part of the puzzle but over all it should be a smaller piece of the puzzle. After spending several hours reviewing numerous sites and talking to campers at the campground I found an overwhelming number that wasn’t satisfied with Good Sam. If money is your only issue then why did not more RV’ers go with Escapees which is on the very low side. Sometimes I believe to low of a price is to good to be true and usually turns out badly. Using our insurance company was never an option. I refuse to use any service that when I call for service it could be used to affect my already too high rates. So we did decide on Coach Net. Now we just wait and see what happens.

  13. I too am in the market for Roadside Assistance. Just finished reading several reviews
    Regarding Good Sam. 9 out 10 reviews painted Good Sam as very poor service.
    Though they may be cheaper, what good is it if their service isn’t reliable.
    On the other hand, Coach Net had 9 out 10 customers say they were extremely satisfied with their service. So, for a few extra bucks annually I’ll go with Coach Net.
    As the old saying goes, don’t be “penny wise and dollar foolish”.

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