Close, But No Cigar

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Mar 052016

As I’ve said here previously, we are looking for a place to buy to use as a winter nesting spot, and maybe a fulltime home if and when we ever have to hang up the keys due to health issues or something like that.

We have certain criteria that we will not compromise on, and yesterday we found a place in Lecanto that was close, but no cigar. It was two fenced and cross-fenced acres with an older small double wide mobile home on it, as well as two 30 amp RV hookups.

Though the mobile home was nothing to get excited about, Terry really liked the property, which has lots of big trees all around it and is in a nice, quiet neighborhood. The asking price is $52K, and if it were closer to where we want to be it would have been perfect. But it’s in the wrong place for our needs.

It is about 10 miles from Crystal River, and almost exactly 20 miles to the beach and boat ramp at Fort Island Trail Park. But that’s the only beach in the entire area, and it’s very small. We would be hard-pressed to have room to fly our kites even if nobody else was there.

This is the beach, and I don’t think it’s more than 500 yards long. We looked at some other homes in the area, from Inverness to Homosassa, but again, it’s just not where we want to be. So far, of everywhere we have looked, we still like New Smyrna Beach the most. So the search goes on.

Crystal River beach

While we were out we stopped in Inverness and had a visit with our friends Bob and Rita Meredith. It’s been at least two or three years since we’ve seen them and it was nice to get together. We may try to hook up again while we’re in the area. Bob cooks up a delicious batch of shrimp, and he mentioned crabs, too!

You’ve got to love small town business owners who don’t give a hoot about being politically correct. We saw this sign on the door of a place in Wildwood the other day and I just had to share it.

Underwear showing

I need to make a correction to something I said in yesterday’s blog when I reported that Chris Yust from C&C Insurance told me that I would get 15 months of Good Sam Road Service for $79.95 under a new member special. Chris said that anyone who buys road service from her gets 15 months instead of the regular 12 that the plan offers, not just new members. The $79.95 is the standard, new member rate. When it’s time to renew, the regular price through Chris is $114.95 for 15 months.

And, you get Chris! There is a reason that C&C insurance covers all of our insurance needs here at the Gypsy Journal, as well as for John and Kathy Huggins at Living The RV Dream, many vendors who work the RV rally circuit, and a lot of other fulltimers as well. Professionals like dealing with another professional, and Chris takes good care of all of us.

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Thought For The Day It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.

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  2 Responses to “Close, But No Cigar”

  1. I think that looking for property falls into a similar “box” as hunting for the perfect RV. There are no “perfects” out there but the more you research and see that you don’t want the more you will recognize the right one when it comes along. And then when you do spend your hard earned cash, you can calm your nerves at least a little by reminding yourself of all the “right” things the chosen one has that the others did not. You will know that to be true because you took the time to look and compare. I think of it as combining the emotional “it” factor that may sweep past serious negatives with the rational “check list.”

    Similar to hunting for RVs, the search is part of the adventure! Have fun.

  2. I’m pretty sure you figured out by now buying a piece of RV compatible property is a lot cheaper than buying in a RV type park where you do not own the land
    We don’t have control over raising the rate structure
    If you find a real estate agent they usually know where a lot of places are the are not even listed
    you have craigslist real estate for sale (The problem with the listings in there as you’ve probably seen $30,000 for a brand-new place they do not tell you how much the association HOA is that will scare you)
    Look As well in the local newspaper online
    One other thing that I didn’t tell you before if you find a place in town that has city water and city sewer you’re going to pay double your water because you’re going to pay for both usages ( and you will be paying a minimum use water bill even when you’re not there )( if the city turns the water off and turned it back on it’ll cost you equivalently the same as leaving it on )if you find a place that has city water and a septic system you only pay for the water good deal just make sure you don’t drive your RV over the system
    On your electric system you also have a Service charge fee monthly even if you don’t have the systems on,, look On any FPL bill and you’ll see the usage fee that you would pay KW would be zero
    One other thing if you find an excellent piece of land that is zoned for manufactured homes see how much it would cost to put the utilities in there you could do that overtime
    One other note if you decide to go with a normal house make sure the zoning will allow you to put your RV in your side yard and you can get a lot for the price that you looked at
    Also remember alligators do not eat wood but bugs do
    Enjoy your quest

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