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Mar 112016

A lot of readers are asking me when my next Big Lake book will be out. I learned a long time ago to never give a definite date, because when I do, something always seems to get in the way and throw me off schedule.

But I got another 3,500 words or so in yesterday and I’m almost to the end. If I keep this pace up I should have it done in just a few more days, then I’ll give it a read through before I pass it on to Miss Terry to start the editing and proofing process. So please be patient a little bit longer. I’m almost there.

While I was writing yesterday, Terry cut her latest weaving project off the loom and today she’ll be doing the finish work on it. And like everything she creates, it’s absolutely beautiful. I am so in awe of her talent.

For a few months now people have been saying they are having a problem accessing the current blog posting every day. When they click on the link to my blog, it takes them to the previous day’s post. It seems to happen sporadically in different areas of the country and lasts from a week or so to over a month, and then the problem goes away and it’s back to normal. It can be frustrating. The techs say it’s because local servers are slow to clear their caches. In the meantime, if you open the current blog by clicking on its title, you should see a little arrow and the title of the latest post (highlighted in yellow below) on the right just above that blog’s title that will take you to the current one.


As an update to our continuing search for a winter nesting place; we have now taken DeLand off the list. We drove over there a couple of days ago to check it out, and while it’s a very pleasant little town, it’s 24 miles from New Smyrna Beach. That doesn’t seem all that far, but when we left DeLand we drove there and it took us 40 minutes to reach the marina on the Intercoastal Waterway. From there it’s probably another 10 minutes to the beach, and that’s just too far for us. So the search continues.

And while I appreciate all of you who keep telling me about other places inland that they love a lot, those locations have absolutely no interest to us. We want to be close enough to jump in the car on a whim and go to the beach to fly our kites or just watch the surf rolling in. We know the place we’re looking for is out there somewhere, and we’ll eventually find it. If not this year, then maybe next. And if not, that’s okay, too. We love our life on the road and we don’t have to do anything. That’s a pretty good position to be in.

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Thought For The Day No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens. – Abraham Lincoln

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  12 Responses to “Almost There”

  1. Terry and I use the same access point for our internet. I see your newest post early in the morning (5 a.m.) . He normally can’t see your newest post till mid to late afternoon. That is EVERY day. Not sure the tech’s explanation would work there, since our access is the same. It has been that way since we have been here which is 4 months. It never clears up. It’s always the same. And he recently reformatted totally because he was having some unrelated trouble. His machine is now super clean and that problem still remains. We leave south Texas tomorrow. Interesting to see what happens then.

  2. Also, he just checked this morning, he cannot see your latest blog. . . stuck on yesterday’s and he does not have that yellow arrow pointing to a newer post. Just thought you would like the feedback.

  3. Dear Nick,
    I seem to be always a day late and a dollar short so not reading your blog on its publication date doesn’t seem like such a big deal…I get all the news that is the news eventually. Travel on, Victoria

  4. I go to and then from there to Nick’s Blog. I never have any trouble getting to Nick’s Blog from there. There have been times when I could not open, getting a page not found error message. That symptom was sporadic but after diagnosing it for many months it seemed to coincide with when I had a very slow internet speed. It may have been timing out. As a daily reader, I sense the other readers frustration. My method requires one extra click and apparently it is worth it. Hope this helps.

  5. Good morning,
    We just had the prettiest red sunrise here in St George, Utah.
    The problem with the blogs, not just yours, started when Microsoft changed something about blog posts . All the bloggers I read were gnashing and frothing. Remember that? A few months ago, at least. Anyway, I subscribed to your email version so it is always in my in basket when I log on in the morning. I have since found that most blogs have a “home” somewhere in the heading of the format of their blog and if I tap that ,I get the latest. BTW, Greg’s always opens up on the thought of the day. Which, if you consider some of his thoughts, one must be prepared!! I use an iPad.

  6. My two favorite places near beaches are Caravelle in the Panhandle and Crystal River above Homassa

  7. Nick,
    I have found that the only way I can consistently connect to your latest blog is to use the link to your blog that I put on my blog several years ago. I have the same problem as Dale Preece in that the page doesnt show the newest blog post. I just clicked on the link to your blog from Greg White’s blog and it shows yesterdays blog with no link to today’s blog. I am not sure what the difference in the links are.

  8. Barb and I are experiencing the same situation as Dale Pace. I get the most current Blog Post but Barb is a half a day behind. I have checked her clock on her PC and it is accurate. She also has no navigation arrow to advance to the current Post when viewing her day behind post. We both use Firefox with Windows 10.

  9. I’m not concerned at all about when your newest book is out. I know you’ll get it finished and out on Kindle. I will buy it and be happy. What I’m waiting for is for the two previous Big Lake books to come out in paperback so I can buy them for my patrons at the library. I’ve gotten several of them started on the series. They aren’t e-reader users so I can’t even direct them to Overdrive…which isn’t carrying them yet anyway.

  10. Same issue here, but since I subscribed to your blog, I get the current one in email. If I click on the link in the email, I get the current blog on the web.

  11. Ok, I’m going to be the one to say it. Clearly you need to ditch this FL business a nice RV spot in the Pacific NW. Long beaches, lots of wind, plenty of kite flying. Not much of a winter spot, but perfect all summer. Of course I may be a tad biased 🙂


  12. Had the same problem as Dale while in Yuma, off and on. Been in Sun City, AZ since 3/1 and so far always current. Problem was always on iPad, not iPhone or laptop. Just figured it was the computer aliens messing with me…..

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