Sunday Means Ice Cream

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Feb 012016

Miss Terry hasn’t been feeling very well so we didn’t do much of anything away from the motorhome over the weekend. She got a lot of laundry done and some other chores around the house, while I spent a lot of time researching and writing for my newest Big Lake mystery novel.

We did go for a walk around Rainbow Plantation Saturday afternoon and stopped to admire this house for sale. If we were ready to settle down and wanted to in southern Alabama near Gulf Shores, this place could be ideal. It has a big all steel pull through RV garage on the left, a car garage central, and 1450 square feet of living space. The original living space is L shaped center left, and on the right is an added second two-room suite with bedroom and bath that would be a great writing studio. There is a screened in porch all the way across the back. It’s on a half acre and the huge back yard has three separate insulated buildings, one a workshop, one an artist’s studio, and a smaller utility shed. It’s in immaculate shape and they are asking $215K, which seems like a heck of a deal.

Indigo house

At every Escapees RV park in the country, they have an ice cream social on Sunday afternoons, and they are always well attended. Yesterday’s event was no exception. The ice cream social was scheduled to begin at 6 PM, but when we got there a little after 5:30 a large crowd had already assembled. We saw a lot of familiar faces, got a lot of hugs, and everybody made us feel welcome.

Ice cream crowd

Ice cream crowd 2

The guys who dish out the treats were ready and raring to go.

Ice cream servers

This is Ray Blevins, the infamous Purple Man, who has been a fixture at Escapees events for as long as I can remember. We first met Ray at an Escapees chapter rally in Maine many years ago, where he was being tried by the rally’s kangaroo court for impersonating a grape. I didn’t know the man back then, but one look at the madness in his eyes and I knew I had found a kindred soul. So I came to his defense and told the jury that I had gone over to his RV that morning while he was having breakfast and he was sitting there in his robe and I saw his Grape Nuts. That was all they needed to hear; the charges were dismissed, and Ray and I have been buddies ever since. Of course, time has taken a toll on both of us and Ray isn’t a kid anymore. I think his mental state is all the way up to about age 12 or 13 these days.

Ray Blevins

I’m not sure what’s on the agenda today. It depends on how Terry is feeling. We may make another visit to the chiropractor that she saw on Friday. There’s been quite a bit of improvement, but she’s still got a ways to go before she feels back to normal.

Congratulations Bob Baskerville, winner of our drawing for an autographed copy of John and Kathy Huggins newly updated and expanded So, You Want to be an RVer?: Celebrating the RV Lifestyle. We had 306 entries this time around, which I think is a new record. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day If you are not happy where you are, move. You’re not a tree.

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  1. We first met “The Purple Man” at a North Eastern Chapter rally also but got to know him better this last Thanksgiving when we were in Rainbow Plantation. Larry and I are at a coffee shop at Tesco Grocery Store in Dover, England. When I read your story about seeing his “Grape Nuts” I burst out laughing so hard, I embarrassed myself and had to stifle myself. I tried to read it to Larry but got to laughing so hard that he had to read it himself to understand what I was trying to say. That’s a good one, Nick!

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