Shortest Move Ever

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Feb 192016

I’m not quite over my cold yet but I think I have pretty much the worst of it behind me, except for a nagging cough that doesn’t want to let go. But Terry’s a couple of days behind me in the cycle and feeling crappy. I spent most of yesterday working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, except for a stop at the campground office to visit with park manager Gary Greene and a trip to the post office to mail off my concealed weapons permit application. Then it was back home and back to work.

Yesterday we made what I think is the shortest move ever, maybe twenty feet at the most. I didn’t even turn the GPS on!

The utility hookups for our pull through site and the one next to us here at the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve are back to back on a little strip of grass between the two sites. The way it is set up, we would park towards the front of our site and the neighbor would be parked facing in the opposite direction toward the front of his, and the rear end of both of our coaches would be close to the utilities.

But they are apparently new RVers and they were parked in the middle of the site and had their sewer hose going into what should have been our connection. Nobody was around their rig, so we had to park further back so I could reach the other sewer outlet. This put us so close to the neighbor on the other side that extending our patio awning was too close. I thought about asking him to move, but what the heck, it’s only for a little while.

Their parking tag said that they would be here until the 22nd, but just about dark yesterday they decided to move to another site, so we decided to move to the proper position and sewer connection so the next person coming in next to us would not have the same problem. It didn’t take all that long to pull in the slides, retract our leveling jacks, move the motorhome forward and repeat the process in reverse. And now we can use our patio awning, which is a good thing since the sun is hitting that side of the motorhome and it will help to keep us a little bit cooler.

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Thought For The Day If you eat sensibly, avoid alcohol and tobacco, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water, you will die anyway.

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