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Feb 282016

We are not ready to stop traveling yet, and probably never will be, as long as our health allows. But after almost 17 years of fulltime RVing we are slowing down. We like being at Point A and Point B and Point C, but we find we are not enjoying the trips between those places as much as we once did.

For the last year or two we’ve been talking about finding a place to sit still for a while every winter to just relax, get some writing and weaving done, and then hit the road again. And a place where, if we ever do hang up the keys, we’ll retire to. We know that we want to be close to the beach, no more than 30 minutes max, and our goal this winter is to find such a place here in Florida.

Yesterday we visited New Smyrna Beach and both of us were very impressed. This place definitely deserves a second look.

Flagler Arch small

Besides the quaint downtown area with lots of interesting shops and restaurants, once you cross the Intercoastal Waterway to the barrier island there are miles of beach to enjoy.

Street view small

Sidewalk view small

You can drive your car on the beaches close to town, or go a little farther out to beaches that are closed to vehicular traffic.

Lifeguard tower

Or, if you want to avoid the crowds, drive a couple more miles to the Canaveral National Seashore, where there is lots of elbow room.

Beach view south small

Beach view north small

This was the best view I saw all day.

Terry New Smyrna Beach small

These fishermen were having a good time, the only people we saw on the beach at the National Seashore.

Fishermen small

We also met this fellow, who seemed friendly enough as long as we kept our distance. When I got a little too close to take this picture he wandered back into the bushes.

Armadillo small

After checking out the downtown area and the beaches, we drove around, kind of getting a feel for the community, and drove through a couple of the local RV parks. There was some kind of art festival going on downtown, so things were pretty busy. Right now there are a lot of snowbirds, and with Bike Week coming up in nearby Daytona, there was some traffic to deal with. But a friend of mine who winters in New Smyrna Beach says that during the week it slows down quite a bit.

By the time we got back to Clermont, stopped for dinner and then made a stop at Publix, we were pretty worn out when we got home. Between getting the new issue of the Gypsy Journal finished and sent out, getting together with friends, and our trip to New Smyrna Beach, we’re tired and need a day or two to just recharge our batteries. So I think today will be a stay-at-home day.

I want to get some writing done, Miss Terry’s like the Energizer Bunny and she never stands still, and sometimes we just like being lazy. Well, I like being lazy. The Energizer Bunny over there, she never stops going and going.

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Chase The Rabbit Cover

Thought For The Day The most romantic love story isn’t Romeo and Juliet, who died together, but Grandpa and Grandma, who grew old together.

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  6 Responses to “New Smyrna Beach”

  1. My sister lives in New Smyrna Beach and loves it there. There is something going on all the time. Craft fairs, concerts, art shows, once a year all the downtown restaurants set up sample tables on the sidewalks, and they have a wonderful little community theatre. We spend two or three weeks there every year parked in her back yard and my husband would move there in a minute but I can’t stay away from our place in southern Indiana like that. I miss the grandkids too much. We spend two or three months in Florida every winter but then I have to get back home to the little ones. They grow up way too fast.

  2. Nick I was an Army recruiter in New Smyrna in the 80s and still miss it. Best town in all of eastern Florida in my opinion.

  3. You have picked my favorite beach in all of Florida! I live in central FL now but plan to retire to NSB!

  4. Good morning, Nick and Terri. Have you ruled out Titusville?

    Cat Lady

  5. Nick…ya’ll oughta try over here on the FL Left Coast…it’s way more laid back then the Atlantic side is in general. We’ve spent the last 4 winters in North Fort Myers…close enough to Naples/Sarasota for stuff like concerts and the like but far enough from downtown that traffic ain’t too bad. The Elks Lodge here is one of the friendliest we’ve ever been to and the eats are pretty good in this area.
    NSB and the east side ares also nice…we went to school over in Miami way back when but have come to like the Gulf side of the state more.

  6. We think New Smyrna is a lovely area. From T’ville up to just south of Daytona is still laid back and not crowded. But the areas are still closet o the big towns for special shopping and major medical. Hope you find something !!!!!!!!!!!

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