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Feb 232016

I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal until about 1:30 Monday morning, and then made the mistake of knocking off and taking a shower and going right to bed. I should have known better; if I don’t give myself some time to relax when I’m done for the day my body may be in bed, but my brain doesn’t know that and won’t shut off. I was still wide awake at 5 a.m.

I’m not sure when I finally dropped off to sleep, but at 8:30 our neighbor started his diesel rig and let it idle for half an hour, then shut it down and made a lot of noise loading his golf cart onto his trailer and slamming bay doors, then he fired the diesel back up and let it idle another fifteen minutes or so and shut it off again. I looked out the window and his jacks were still down and his slides were out. Before long the engine came on again, and after what seemed like another hour he finally pulled out. I have no idea why people feel the need to “warm up” a diesel engine like that. Especially in 70+ degree weather.

There was no way I was getting back to sleep, so I got dressed and I finished the new issue and printed it out for Terry to proof. She got up not long after me and it took several hours for her to get that done and for me to make all of the changes. Then I printed out the final PDF and things went downhill from there.

First, the quality of the photos was really bad for some reason and a lot of them became pixilated somewhere in the conversion to PDF process. I could not figure out what the problem was, since I do everything the same way from issue to issue, we use the same camera at the same settings to take our photos, and nothing had changed from last issue. But the photos all seemed to be at low resolution.

I tried a couple of things that did not work, and finally checked their resolution and discovered that for some reason they had all defaulted to a low resolution setting. I corrected them, replaced all of the photos in the original layout, first checking their resolution a second time, and that seemed to do the trick except for about four of them. So I took them out, went back and checked again, and sure enough they had defaulted back to the same low resolution as before. Well darn it, anyway!

Back to the drawing board. I reset the resolution one more time and that seemed to finally do the trick, to some extent. But even though the resolution of those four photos is now the same as the rest of the pictures in the new issue, they still don’t look the same for some reason and I’m not happy with them.

Then I uploaded the new issue to our webserver, and hit another roadblock. I could not get the link to work. I tried and tried, and finally gave up and called technical support, aka Greg White. It only took Greg a few minutes to realize that I was typing in the wrong characters. I’m not sure if that was due to my fat fingers or the fact that I was operating on about four hours of sleep. But once he figured that out it was good to go.

Today I’ll go online and check it one last time and then send out the link to our digital subscribers. But not until after I sleep in.

Once the link to the new issue is sent out, I can get back to work on my next Big Lake mystery. I’ve got about 35K words to go, so hope to knock it out and get it out there before too long.

Thought For The Day The greatest pleasure in life is succeeding at what people say you cannot do.

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  8 Responses to “Done And Ready To Go”

  1. So sorry about the noisy neighbors…but being you are in an RV at least you could move if it became too problemic!! We live in a small apt…and believe me, I have been ready to tear out my hair sometimes!! I do welcome cold weather as that does cut down some on the bothersome people roaming around!! ARGH!!

  2. I know just how you feel Nick. The guy next to me in his bus conversion, backed in and left his engine running for 40 minutes while he got out his blocks, opened every bay door looking for something and finally hooked up to electrical, water and sewer before shutting it off. Every two days since, he has started it up and let it run for about an hour. ??????? It’s hard to be a good neighbor sometimes!!

  3. And Terry can cook, or work on her loom, read, or… whatever. No filling envelopes all day. Happy day.

  4. Hey Nick, isn’t it great to just upload the new issue, send out the link, and move on to another project.

  5. Just out of curiosity. How are you going to leave free copies at campgrounds now? That’s how I found you and became a subscriber.

  6. Bruce, we won’t be able to do that anymore. But in the last couple of years the greatest majority of our new subscribers were digital who came to us from links to sample issues in social media and on RV-related websites.

  7. Just about done with your Big Lake series, looking forward to you next book. I start reading your books and when I get about half to 3/4 done I just have to keep reading. You do a great job of writing Nick.

  8. Thanks, Wil, I’m over half done on the next one now.

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