Crud Times Two

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Feb 172016

Some men give their ladies flowers or chocolates or jewelry for Valentine’s Day. I’m a little more creative than that. I had a guy come to the campground and wash our motorhome! But then I got to thinking that Miss Terry deserved more than that for everything she does for me on a daily basis. So I also gave her my cold. Yes, I know, I’m a wonderful husband.

Yep, we both have the crud big time. I’m sure we’ve greatly increased the bottom line for the folks who sell Kleenex, cough syrup, and other meds in the last few days. And there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

Unfortunately, real life doesn’t stop just because somebody is sick. We were scheduled to leave the Escapees Sumpter Oaks RV Park yesterday morning and move about 45 miles east to the Orlando Thousand Trails. We had a package waiting for us at the Bushnell Post Office, which opened at 8:30, so while Terry was getting things stored away inside the motorhome I drove into town to pick it up.

We left the campground at 9:45 and it took us just about exactly an hour to get to the Thousand Trails. The place is packed and there were four or five other RVs waiting to check in, but thanks to manager Gary Greene, they have a very efficient system worked out and within about five minutes we were checked in and on our way to our site. We managed to snag a full hookup pull through 50 amp site.

Yes, it’s close enough that I was able to hear the guy in the motorhome next to us burp. Or at least I think that was a burp. But at any rate, it’s a level site with a good view of the sky for our rooftop satellite dish.

By the time we were parked and hooked up we were both pretty wiped out. I spent most of the afternoon working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, and Terry was catching up on e-mail and trying to update the Safari web browser on her iMac. Unfortunately, there are so many people here that even though we have a 4G Verizon signal it is still very slow and it kept timing out. I told her to wait until just before we go to bed to try it again. Maybe enough people will be asleep that it will be a little faster.

Speaking of e-mail, thanks to my buddy Greg White we have our e-mail back up and working after being down for several days while we transition our main website from Yahoo to Go Daddy. Greg spent a lot of time solving problems and tweaking things until he finally got everything resolved.

And finally, we had some sad news yesterday. Fellow Escapee and longtime friend Jim Gass has passed away. Jim was a familiar face at Escapade rallies and he never met a stranger. Our thoughts are with his wife Jo at this terrible time. Rest in peace, Jim. You will be missed.

Jim Gass

Thought For The Day Way too many of my stories end with, “And that’s why I’m not allowed to go back there anymore.”

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  1. As of yesterday Hubby shared his cold with me too…living in closer quarters makes avoidance almost impossible I guess. We seem to get sick the last couple years, at this time of year. Hope you guys will be ok soon…chicken soup here!!

  2. I lost the name of the furniture builder you had done for your RV, if you be so kind to email I would be so grateful. We would like a desk built for our RV. Thank you

  3. Carlyle at Focal Wood in Nappanee, Indiana built our work stations and custom table.

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